Postproduction: From the Art Collection of the Arts Stays Festival

18. 03. 2022 – 15. 05. 2022

The visiting group exhibition Postproduction: From the Art Collection of the Arts Stays Festival will present a selection of works from Ptuj’s international contemporary art festival Art Stays in Galerija Božidar Jakac’s main gallery. In 2022 the festival will celebrate twenty years of uninterrupted operation and the exhibition will also be presented in Ptuj.

The exhibition will present an international selection of works by various contemporary artists that are connected by the strong spatial component, sound-visual associativity and their connections to the meaning of certain fundamental postulates of the human species, here and now. The exhibition will show works by artists who have presented their works at the Art Stays festival in Ptuj over the past two decades as well as works coproduced by or donated to the Art Stays art collection. This exhibition presents the first public presentation of the collection, and is as such viewed by the organisers as a great opportunity as well as a great responsibility to analyse the work carried out so far through an overview and ‘postproduction’ of the twenty years of the festival and outline the new directions of developing the festival in the sense of continuity and greater implementation of the Art Stays festival into the offer/image/life of the region and the local community.
The exhibition Postproduction: From the Art Collection of the Art Stays Festival will take place within the exchange programme of the Slovene Association of Historic Towns and presents a cultural exchange between the towns of Ptuj and Kostanjevica na Krki. The second part of the exchange will bring A Retrospective of Silvan Omerzu, which was on display at Galerija Božidar Jakac in 2020-2021, to the Ptuj City Gallery.

Artists at the exhibition: Felipe Aguila, Lynn Book, Beti Bricelj, BridA, Garry Cass & S. Chandrasekaran, Nemanja Cvijanović, Leo Ferdinad Demetz, Maitha Demithan, Jarmila Džuppová, Dušan Fišer, Pavel Forman, Rok Golob, Interno3 (Manuel Frara), Jaša, Matthias Langer, Raphael Di Luzio, Polona Maher, Zul Mahmod, Robin Meier, Muzikačaka (Sara Korošec), Noriko Obara, Mark Požlep, László László Révész, Tim Roeloffs, Kimitake Sato, Marek Schovanek, Joachim Seinfeld, Tanja Špenko, Transversal Project (Erika Vicari), Verena Fanny Trausch, Elisabeth Wedenig.

Curators: Jernej Forbici & Marika Vicari

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