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Ana Skobe, (Re)konstruiranje arhitekture: Nezgrajena serija

Ana Skobe
(Re)constructing Architecture: Unbuild Series

Lamut's Art Salon, 9. 10. 2020 - 10. 1. 2021

The selection of twenty works, created by the young MA of architecture and photographer from Novo mesto, bring a new view of wellknown Slovene architectures. The artist started by focusing on architectures created by known Slovene architects such as Jože Plečnik and Edvard Ravnikar as well as contemporary projects designed by architectural offices such as Sadar+Vuga, Bevk-Perović Architects and Dekleva Gregorič Architects.

Selected architectures have, in one way or another, managed to persuade the artist to recognize in them the potential for their rethinking through the medium of photography. She visited the chosen architecture several times, researched it and extracted one or more characteristics that she found telling and characteristic for the studied building. In order to capture even lighting on all parts of the building and achieve a unified atmosphere, she photographed the building at various times.

Ana Skobe does not resort to digital manipulation, as she truly photographs architecture details from unusual angles. Every individual section within the polyptych is thus real. The manipulation, or if I paraphrase it, modification of the architectures takes place only post festum, once the photographs have been developed.

The artist constructs the final image of the polyptychs through a logic that is dictated by architectural thought. She constructs the polyptychs in the form of an architectural grid, by combining small squares or rectangles, which are reminiscent of tiles or bricks, the building elements used in architecture. The artist organises and merges them into a picture, almost as if she was assembling a jigsaw puzzle. She incorporates the characteristics of the architecture into the polyptychs with the use of assembling, the gravitational logic of constructed elements and the offset from the wall with spacers. In this way, she tries to return to the architectural photograph, some of the lost dimensionality.

Curator: Kristina T. Simončič

Prenavljamo!!! Gostujoča razstava iz Muzeja za arhitekturo in oblikovanje, Prenavljamo!!!

We're Renovating!!!
guest exhibition from Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana

Lamut's Art Salon, 8. 7. - 13. 9. 2020

The exhibition presents renovated buildings in Slovenia, which are an indispensable part of the history of cities and towns and are the cornerstones of local or even national identity. Through a series of past and current projects, the exhibition highlights the importance of cooperation required for houses that have outlived their original purpose to start a new life. Many of the buildings presented constitute an indispensable part of their town’s history and function as symbols of local and even national identity. The fact that they are alive and kicking today is the result of the collaboration of professionals from diverse walks of life, above all architects and conservators. Over the years, we have seen them tackle complex development planning projects to transform heritage buildings by collaging modern architecture over the layered substrates of previous historical epochs. Many renovation projects are thus still viewed as radical and controversial, even though they have shaped the history and development of architecture and cultural heritage protection.

Curators: Matevž Čelik, Natalija Lapajne, and Andraž Keršič

Tina Mohorović, Prestopanja

Tina Mohorović

Lamut's Art Salon, 19. 5. - 21. 6. 2020

The artist Tina Mohorović from Novo mesto is holding her first exhibition in the Božidar Jakac Art Museum. The title of the exhibition Crossings, is also the title of her latest series of prints, which she created in the beginning of this year. These prints mark a direct shift or continuation of the 2018 graphic prints series titled Anonyms.

Within the series Crossings, external spaces are reduced to a few selected details which represent a shift from external spaces towards the inner, personal space, i.e. towards the relationship of the individual with himself. When creating this series, the artist used the same graphic plates as she did for the series Anonyms, from which she isolated individual details and thus created new compositions.

With the use of the strong contrast between light and shadows, she created a game between the print’s positive and negative and shifted from the letterpress to the gravure printing technique.

Similar as in the black cube of a theatre, the artist shed light only on the scenes that she wished the visitors to focus on and ponder upon. The link with the theatre is no coincidence, for the artist also works as a set-designer. The experience of space, its design and movement within it, is one of the central themes of her creativity.
So far, the artist has reached the deepest with her latest series of drawings, collected in the series Ossifying. The drawings peek under the skin, the motifs are like an X-ray of a damaged human skeleton with imaginary bones, muscles and joints, in the interlacement of which new stories emerge and new fantasy worlds are opened.

The exhibition was created in cooperation between the Božidar Jakac Art Museum and the Velenje Gallery (June 18th to August 2nd 2020).

Curator: Kristina T. Simončič


Bojan Kovačič in grafična šola v Narodni galeriji,

Bojan Kovačič and the Print Workshop at the National Gallery of Slovenia

Lamut's Art Salon, 20. 12. 2019 - 9. 2. 2020

For fifteen years, Bojan Kovačič (1949˗2017) led the printmaking course at the National Gallery of Slovenia. Before his unexpected death in late 2017, his course was attended by over one hundred students.

In comparison to other members of the Ljubljana School, Kovačič experienced a different kind of training. He was a student at the Brera Art Academy and at the same time worked in printmaking workshops that produced prints for some of the most outstanding members of the School of Paris. His printmaking routine was focused on technical control, while improvisation and experimentation with the medium paved the way to innovation. He was the first to print from perforated plates, a feature Bogdan Borčič, one of his teachers, systematically integrated into his working method. As a pedagogue, Kovačič knew how to listen to the needs of each of his students, his/her specific inclinations, understood his/her potential and thus stimulated his/her graphic expression.

In 2011 Bojan Kovačič donated his entire production of prints to the National gallery of Slovenia. In 2018 his widow Elena Martello Kovačič completed his donation by addition of prints produced between 2011 and 2017.
The exhibition is dedicated to the teacher’s memory and to his students at the National Gallery of Slovenia.

Matjaž Geder, Na krilih

Matjaž Geder
On the Wings

Lamut's Art Salon, 18. 10. - 15. 12. 2019

The map of Matjaž Geder’s contemplations, which unfold through the landscapes on his graphic prints is broad, for Geder is interested in contemporary social themes as well as in the current crisis. The artist is known for his graphic prints in which he addresses issues dealing with the systems found within society, the individual’s rebellion, the search for borders and the desire for freedom, all of which are best shown in the themes linked to the period of growing up. He has a special connection with the youth, for he meets and teaches them on a daily basis in his role of an art teacher. His prints often depict classroom motifs in the form of objects such as rulers and stamps which the teachers use to mark the work of the pupils, school desks and the green colour of blackboards. School desks full of drawings and writings, slogans and verses that capture the various fragments that create the youth’s world, depict their desires, interests and rebellions present the most common background in the artist’s prints.

The title of the exhibition On the Wings marks both youthful exuberance and crossing of borders, as well as a desire to overcome conflicts, inspiration and a fly of imagination. The exhibition is complemented by mobiles in the form of paper aeroplanes printed with wrappers of psycho-pharmaceutical pills. They reflect the desire to move, to free oneself from the clutches of social systems and control in schools and families. At the same time, they carry the message of deep mental distress and an epidemic of tranquilizers and antidepressants, which increasing numbers of people need to function ‘normally’ in a dysfunctional world.

Jeseniški cikel Božidarja Jakca, gostujoča razstava iz Gornjesavskega muzeja Jesenice

Božidar Jakac: Jesenice Cycle

Lamut's Art Salon, 7. 6. - 6. 10. 2019

In 2019, we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of the artist Božidar Jakac. On this occasion we host an art collection of Jakac’s Jesenice Cycle from the collection of the Upper Sava Valley Museum in Jesenice. This collection of steelworks motifs is composed mostly of chalk drawings and etchings, their focus is on the outline of the workers, the working processes and the environment of the Steelworks Jesenice in a specific stretch of time. The Jesenice Cycle is in terms of content and depictions of workers and the industrial landscape a unique feature in Jakac’s oeuvre.
The collection of drawings and graphics has an artistic and documentary value but it also raises questions about the relationship of the metallurgists in regards to art and society. Ciril Rekar, between the years 1939 and 1941 in charge of the steelworks in Jesenice, could see the benefits of the collaboration with the artist, as he in 1939 invited Božidar Jakac to create a big graphic titled Open-hearth steel plant. The glowing furnace, groups of steelworkers, the sensation of the environment filled with fire and smoke experienced through shading offer enough information for the viewer to relive the authors’ and steelworkers’ experience of the steelmaking procedure as well as the workplaces itself in its most primary drawn form.

Želja po svobodi - Dosje: Bosna in Hercegovina,

Desire for Freedom, Dossier: Bosnia and Hercegovina

Lamut's Art Salon, 29. 3.-12. 5. 2019

Gordana Anđelić Galić, Maja Bajević, Igor Bošnjak, Mladen Miljanović, Damir Nikšić, Nebojša Šerić - Šoba

Curators: Maja Abdomerović and Ivana Udovičić
The exhibition was created by The National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At first glance we seem devoid of ideas, as though the art production stopped five years ago and the curators are stuck in time. It seems like we are recycling previous exhibitions because we are not capable of creating new ones.
Actually, the truth is that we have created an exhibition whose biggest value unfortunately lies in its indefinite expiration date. Every exhibited piece for itself and the exhibition as a whole are still as fresh and relevant as if they were created just yesterday.
This is an exhibition about Bosnia and Herzegovina, as seen through the eyes of artists; about our present marked by our past; about identities which we have created, identities we have not created or identities we were denied.
The exhibition is a history lesson as well as a critic of society. It had this function in the moment it was created, when it was presented for the first time and now as we are introducing it to the public in Slovenia.
So, we made no progress – we are still burdened with past times and ideologies; while speaking three equally different languages, we line up beneath “hollow” flags. Our country is the rope around our neck and silence is the highest form of democracy.
Welcome to the dossier Bosnia and Herzegovina!

(Maja Abdomerović, Recycling of an Exhibition or How We Made No Progress)



Upodobitve Ivana Cankarja v zbirki Galerije Božidar Jakac,

Portrayals of Ivan Cankar in the Božidar Jakac Art Museum Collection

Lamut's Art Salon, 3. 12. 2018 - 10. 2. 2019

In the 100 years since his death Cankar has become an almost mythical national character, a visionary ideologist, a restless bohemian and a sharp thinker, the name of whom is carried today by numerous cultural and educational institutions and societies and at least one road or street in any larger Slovene town. His influence, his cultural and spiritual heritage can be seen in the numerous works of art that were inspired by either his literary works or Cankar himself.

Cankar’s words found in the essay Our Artists (1910) “An image that fails to reveal the artist’s soul is a dead image. A portrait should primarily resemble the artist and only then the model”, could be applied to the sculptures of Janez Boljka, who, following 1969, spent two decades depicting our greatest writer. Boljka saw Cankar as an archetypal misunderstood artist, a vagabond, whose elusive image he tried to capture not only in sculptures but also in graphic prints and paintings. His depictions differ from classic portraits, for the writer is denoted by two symbols rather than his image: his famous moustache and the chrysanthemum, which is enough for identification. Boljka presented Cankar in numerous variations; he often depicted him in the company of a muse or a book, as a donor, passively sitting or defiantly standing with his arms stretched out and nailed to the cross as the saviour. Boljka participated in two tenders to create a monument to Cankar in Ljubljana, the first in 1969 and the second in 1971. His idea was amongst the best ranking ideas in both tenders, which is why the jury decided to give him the honour of creating the monument. In May 1974 Boljka exhibited 13 drafts and studies for the monument in Mala Galerija in Ljubljana. Alas, the 4 metres high monument with a fountain was never realised, as the general public applied pressure which culminated in threatening letters, and in the end, this persuaded Boljka to stay away from the project.

Compared to Boljka’s surrealist sculptures, the monumental depiction of Cankar created by Lojze Dolinar is a truthful depiction of the writer. The monumental body was created in 1947 and depicts the full figure of a sitting Cankar as a personified thinker, who is in spirit close to the character of Dolinar’s heroes from the recent past. Jože Gorjup’s bronze image of Cankar caught in mid-step and dressed in a flowing coat is closer to a prophet with a raised left hand. The image symbolically reminds us also of Cankar’s socially oriented political engagement. In 1929 the artist also created an etching of Cankar’s face. Franjo Stiplovšek’s wood engraving of Cankar is only a year younger. France Gorše also captured his vision of the writer in a patinated plaster relief. One of the most recognisable literary characters in Cankar’s works is undoubtedly the character of Kurent from a story with the same name. It comes as no surprise that the socially critical and artistically redemptive theme of this work was acknowledged by numerous Slovene painters, who each gave their own vision of Kurent. Božidar Jakac found his alter ego in the image of the fiddler with supernatural characteristics, whose music brings joy to this world. In 1920 he created a series of wood engravings for the first chapter of Cankar’s story which were published in book form as late as 1979. He also depicted Kurent during his studies in Prague, which can be seen in his two drafts for a poster for his exhibition, both dated to 1923. In the same year he also created the full figure oil depiction in the expressionist style, which together with the drawings on the same theme, form a part of Jakac’s permanent exhibition in the Božidar Jakac Art Museum.

Alongside the artistic depictions of the great writer the exhibition also presents Cankar’s literary works in the form of selected translations and first editions, which were lent to us by Valvasor’s Library in Krško especially for this exhibition. When we, while gazing at Cankar’s literary works and the works of great Slovene artists, capture the essence of the personality of our greatest writer, we have to consider the importance of artists and art in Slovene society. These issues hold an important position also in Cankar’s literary opus and have remained current and vivid social themes until this very day. In his essay Our Artists (1910), Cankar wrote the following words on art and looking for it in the life of every human: “I have stated that art is the search for beauty – every heart seeks it in a different place and in a different way. /.../ For art does not live merely in exhibitions and museums, theatres and concerts, buildings and books, it encompasses our everyday lives in the form of a sweet light, a memory of Eden.”

Andrej Lamut, Mnemosis

Andrej Lamut

Lamut's Art Salon, 5. 10.-25. 11. 2018

Mnemosis is a photographic series by Andrej Lamut, in which he deliberately moves away from depicting the material reality to unveil vast inner worlds, full of inexplicable, often fictitious images. In the series, the author explores daytime parahypnagogia, an altered state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness, usually accompanied by flashes of thought, insight or creativity, that are quickly forgotten once the episode has passed.
Lamut understands Mnemosis as the embodiment of what remains after a daytime parahypnagogic experience: the visual materialisation of the distant, inaccessible thought in ones’ mind. Photographs from the series do not try to recreate the mental images seen during such episodes, but rather create the atmosphere of experiencing said mental state. They carry no visual traces of time, space or a specific event. The viewer is left with an impression that what is seen on the images is repeating infinitely; a motive captured in a never-ending circle of its own existence.



Lamut’s Art Salon, 30. 6. - 2. 9. 2018

Metod Frlic, Tomaž Furlan, Sanela Jahić, Aleksij Kobal, Antonio Živkovič
Curator: Barbara Sterle Vurnik, Loški muzej Škofja Loka

The artworks by the five artists are concerned with the exploration of the dynamic relationship between man and machine, and within this, the questions about the role and significance of work and the worker in contemporary society. In various ways, they particularly touch upon the field of industry, where this relationship has been most defined in the past. The given subject has already marked many periods of art in the past – particularly the time of the historical avant-gardes. Today, it is again in the forefront of the interest of many artists. The world has progressively advanced in its technological development, becoming more and more roboticised and digitized with new, advanced forms of machines. At the same time, it is also marked by the repercussions of the recent global economic crisis. Many old and new questions spring up, as well as dilemmas that the authors of the exhibition divulge through their artworks. They consider the traps and the benefits of progress. The crisis of the values of society, which is in the name of development increasingly yearning for quick profits and capital, exploiting and destroying the worker. They question the consequences of the fact that the machine is no longer just man’s aid in performing work, but is becoming more and more of a substitute, an invention that removes its creator from the working process, which jeopardizes man’s income and hence his survival. They also talk about the successful stories of “cooperation” between man and machine, and the importance of preserving the memory of past achievements within technological development, which we now call industrial heritage. The exhibition joins the interdisciplinary project by the museums of Gorenjska entitled Our Factories, Our Pride – The Industrial Heritage of Gorenjska, which is dedicated to the history of the local industrial heritage in the Gorenjska region.

Helena Tahir, V vrtincu

Helena Tahir
In the Whirl

Lamut's Art Salon, 7. 4. - 10. 6. 2018

The artist Helena Tahir positioned in the center of attention of current exhibition the figures of children in various compositions involving flying objects that either spin around the children or pull them into the spiral of life. Their gazes are searching for us and sometimes they stare at us with surprise, sometimes they show fear or melancholy, and sometimes they reflect the determination of a young person seeking for his or her space in this crazy world. The motifs of children (in colour drawings and graphic print techniques) are backed by black and white abstract drawings, which strive to create the effect of spatial illusion and interweaving multi-layered structures. She additionally merged her graphic prints and drawings into a spatial installation with a 3D fabric object in the frottage technique. With its movement and sound the installation spreads into space. The images enter our horizon of perception and stimulate our imagination so that her art is perceived through an intentional act. Her images simply surpass reality. (Vesna Teržan)


Ana Kučan, Struktura neskončnosti

Ana Kučan
L’espace infini

Lamut's Art Salon, 8. 9.-5. 11. 2017

Although firmly embedded in the singularity of a historical moment, which made possible their realization through the coincidence of unique circumstances, the Gardens of Versailles at once reach to a time that is outside of time. The magnificent photographs by Ana Kučan, made with the penetrating eye of a landscape architect of the highest rank, place before us all the unusualness and magic of this object. These photographs disclose the duality of this heterotopic space, its materiality and sublimity in one, its historical and trans-historical reach, its decelerated time, its sublimity created for the glory of the king, but exceeding all the calculations of power, its illusory presence, oneiric and phantasmic, yet very sensible and close, at once enveloped in fog and thoroughly distinct. (from the foreword by Mladen Dolar)

Ana Kučan is a landscape architect and a full professor of landscape design and theory at the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana.

Uroš Abram, Dialoški portreti

Uroš Abram: Dialogical Portraits

Lamut's Art Salon, 3. 6.-3. 9. 2017

Portrait conventions, developed through centuries, are today accessible to artists as a repertory of communication strategies that pervade our space and time. In his series of portraits of contemporary Slovenian artists Uroš Abram presents their images as collective creations, results of a precisely defined dialogical method. They reveal a new ethos of the contemporary “artist” who has left the studio as his sanctified place of creation in order to retrieve the social responsibility for artistic production and the lustre to the art’s dimming halo. Owing to a particular sort of cooperation of the portraitist and his model, Abram’s dialogical portraits are a sort of portraits parlants, speaking portraits, which reach beyond the established portrait genres. The latter are at hand for combination and manipulation towards capturing the essence of the model’s existence in the individual and public sense. The pictures tell us what and who the artists of today are in the aftermath of postmodernism which has so drastically corroded the notion of the high art that artists started to shed the established image of a creative mind as a social subject – the inspired benefactor of mankind, offering himself/herself regardless of sacrifices for values that surpass himself/herself and his/her existence; they want to redefine the image of the Artist, isolated from the rest of the world within the walls of his/her studio, where he/she pursues a research on images of timeless truths. The condition of neoliberal capitalism forces contemporary artists to confront life by fighting for their existence in the overheated situation of ruthless exploitation, social marginalization as well as material and intellectual deprivation. In the imminent loss of the position of Art as the privileged social activity and its drop on the scale of social values the artist has no choice but to fight for the total refashioning of society. Thus art and life merge as intensely as ever because they are motivated by common goals. Uroš Abram documents this chaotic process of remaking the basic conditions of the artistic creation today through the images of its protagonists.
(dr. Andrej Smrekar)


Pogled 8, Pogled na slovensko umetnost doma in po svetu

A Look 8

Lamut's Art Salon, 21. 10. – 20. 11. 2016

Artists: Vanja Bučan, Nina Čelhar, DK, Matej Čepin, Mitja Ficko, Elena Fajt, Enej Gala, Biba Košmerl, Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi, Pila Rusjan, Kristina Rutar, Nina Slejko Blom, Maruša Šuštar, Aleksandra Zalokar.

The biennial exhibition A Look: View of Slovenian Visual Art was primarily dedicated to the visual art in Slovenian regions of Dolenjska, Bbela Krajina and Posavje. After the past three editions with different geographic bounds, we started following the visual art production on a national scale, which was followed by extending it to Slovenian artists who live and work anywhere in the world. The aim of this shifts was the fact that the curator Barbara Rupel strove to establish a dialogue between the artists who live and work in Slovenia and the ones who live and work abroad.
The selection for A Look 8 exhibition was based on the quality and it reached, as usual, into all richness of visual expression which means that it was not only focused on works executed in the classic artistic media. In this edition we focused on the artists who temporarily or permanently reside and work abroad.

Curator: Barbara Rupel

Sinite parvulos!, Razstava umetniških del donacije duhovnika Antona Vindišarja

Sinite parvulos!
Father Anton Vindišar Collection

Lamut's Art Salon, 26. 08. - 02. 10. 2016

Anton Vindišar, who was a priest in Kostanjevica na Krki in the period 1964-1971, understood that the identity of the place and the relationship with the people has to be built on the piety of the significant and grand ancestors. During his period in the parish the concerts organised by the Dolenjska Cultural Festival were taking place in the church. That is also reflected in his collection of art works which was not based on expertise criteria but it was rather an expression of friendly affection towards artists, friends and acquaintances. Those were mostly people whom he met in Kostanjevica na Krki and among them there are artists such as Tomaž Kvas, Stane Kregar, Rafaela Potokar, Rudi Simčič, France Gorše, Lojze Perko, France Godec, Wolfgang Kogler, Stane Jarm and Peter Jovanovič. The most prominent works in the collection are those that are related to the collections of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum, among others works of Tone and France Kralj. Even when Vindišar was transferred to a new post he maintained contacts with many of those artists.
In 2015 the Božidar Jakac Art Museum signed a donation document with the heirs of late Anton Vindišar and thus acquired fifty art works for the permanent collection. Some were placed in the Collection of the Gorjup Gallery, in the primary school of Jože Gorjup in Kostanjevica na Krki, however, the entire donation is presented at this exhibition together with the catalogue.

Tea Curk Sorta, Stanja

Tea Curk Sorta
States of Being

Lamut's art salon, 10. 06. - 07. 08. 2016

The sculptor and graphic artist Tea Curk Sorta (1981) showcases her recent works in the exhibition entitled States of Being at Lamut’s Art Salon. In her artistic practice she most commonly uses variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, cloth and wire. This exhibition showcases her recent sculptural works made with a bare wire where the artist continues her exploration and interpretation of female figures making them look like a spatial drawing. The exhibition showcases works from three different series: Dancers (2012), Women (2014-ongoing) and Sketches (2015-ongoing).

Jure Kastelic, Lepi Loopi

Jure Kastelic
Pretty Loops

Lamut's art salon, 17.03. - 16.04.2016

Kastelic is young and emerging artist who will showcase his most recent works. In his artistic practice he addresses the phenomena of contemporary communication tools and technologies, and focus on visual media from the point of view of interaction with its users. Therefore he commonly refers to ambivalence of an image (a photograph), experiments with manipulating (media) contents, and explores impact of overabundance of information on humans. The exhibition will be split between two venues, Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana and Lamut’s Art Salon, Kostanjevica na Krki


NEMIRNO USTVARJALNO HREPENENJE, Vladimir Lamut – Portreti kostanjeviških igralcev

Vladimir Lamut – Portraits of actors from Kostanjevica

Lamut's art salon, 17.07. - 20.09.2015

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest artistic poets to have celebrated the region of Dolenjska, Vladimir Lamut. His opus has already been examined thoroughly, mainly by Dr Milček Komelj. To this end, the Božidar Jakac Art Museum will honour the memory of this great artist with an exhibition at Lamut’s Art Salon (named after him for his contribution to Kostanjevica), displaying some of his less famous drawings and croquis, which he produced alongside one of the many cultural phenomena of Kostanjevica na Krki last century, i.e. the amateur theatre as part of the Lojze Košak cultural society.

Nataša Mirtič, Grafike

Nataša Mirtič

Lamut's art salon, 08.05. - 07.06.2015

Nataša Mirtič sees printmaking as an autonomous means of expression that differs specifically from other artistic media and allows special formal and aesthetic effects. Her understanding of printmaking is based on the assumption of the “purity” of the medium, which emphasises its essential structural and textural qualities. Her printmaking practice is characterised by a subtle study of the relationships between artistic elements, and she complements formal emphases with the associativeness of artistic symbols. In the prints from the Grafika series, the artist Mirtič respectfully interprets printmaking tradition, pointing openly to the references that inspire her, but at the same time draws on contemporary consumer culture in her choice of subject-matter. In this way she creates formally pure and semantically rich works of art that combine elements of high modernism with newly interpreted tradition.


Pogled 7 - Slovenija in zamejstvo: Popolnoma sveže,

A Look 7 - A look at Slovenian Visual Arts at Home and Across the Borderline: Totally Fresh

Lamut's art salon, 10.10. - 17.11.2014

Artists: Beatrix Bakondy, Primož Bizjak, Suzana Brborović, Matija Brumen, Tina Dobrajc, Katja Felle, Jernej Humar, Sanela Jahić, Blanka Kefer, Aleksij Kobal, Kensuke Koike, Peter Koštrun, Robert Lozar, Jure Markota, Ira Niero Marušič, Jasmina Nedanovski, Uroš Potočnik, Iva Tratnik

The biennial exhibition A Look 7: A look at Slovenian Visual Arts at Home and Across the Borderline: Totally Fresh showcased works of up and coming artists. The jury composed of curators Barabara Rupel (Božidar Jakac Art Museum), Andreja Hribernik (KGLU), Maja Hodošček (Centre of Contemporary Arts Celje) and Pavla Jarc (City Gallery Nova Gorica) awarded the video installation of Sanela Jahić entitled ‘Tempo, tempo’.

Milena Gregorčič, Linije in transparence

Milena Gregorčič
Lines and Transparencies

Lamut's art salon, 22.08.-21.09.2014

In the series of works entitled Linije in transparence [Lines and Transparencies], Milena Gregorčič (Ljubljana, 1952) once again applies a modernistic diction to move within the field of abstract painting, despite strong associative elements from landscape, while all along adhering to an exploration of two elementary problems of painting: the problem of space and the problem of light. Transparent material once again makes an appearance as the bearer of the paintings on display; this time it is plastic foil, which in its intent bears a wish for an invisible bearer that will enable the line to enter illusionistically into space. The main accent on the installation is rendered by a drawing on plastic foil measuring nearly 15 metres in length which, imbued with a sense of perspective, drifts wavily into the depths and towards the horizon within the space. In the texture, light, shadow and colour of the work, the author writes out a sensory life story. Every furrow, every stroke of the brush or penetration of light through the coloured layers constitutes a substance reduced to transmit messages about life, about being.

Josip Korošec, Risbe

Josip Korošec

Lamut's art salon, 06.06.-08.08.2014

The exhibition at the Lamut’s Art Salon of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum is showcasing the work of Josip Korošec. In his work he recognises sensory, emotional and cognitive values within dimensions of a line, and furthermore, he understands the line as a territory of everyday activity.
The artist and his work will be presented by Irene Mislej, the exhibition will be opened by Mojmir Pustoslemšek, the mayor of Kostanjevica na Krki.
The exhibition is the result of collaboration between Pilon Gallery, Ajdovščina, and Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki.

France Kralj, Donacija 2013

France Kralj
Donation 2013

Lamuts Art Salon

50 works of last donation to Božidar Jakac Art Museum by artist’s son Zlat Kralj are on display in Lamut’s Art Salon. Donation 2013 enable view to France Kralj creativity in different periods, techniques and materials. Donation has an important role in supplementing France Kralj collection of more than 500 works, what gives it a special role and classification as one of the most important collection of Slovenian artists. 


Živa Deu, Arhitektura domov znanih Slovencev

Živa Deu
Architecture of the Homes of Noted Slovenians

Lamut's Art Salon, 12.07.2013 - 22.09.2013

The exhibition “Homes of Noted Slovenians” was prepared for the Božidar Jakac Art Museum - Lamut’s Art Salon by Dr Živa Deu. The selected materials relate the stories of renowned people whose scientific or creative efforts left a mark on Slovenian cultural space through the architectures of buildings that held importance in their lives. The selection, which includes the parent location of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum, was assembled to incite the visitors of the exhibition to prolongue their journey and see the old town core of Kostanjevica na Krki the location of several spaces that gave rise to noted Slovenians.

Rajko Čuber, Podobe spomina

Rajko Čuber
Images of Reminiscence

Lamut's Art Salon, 24.05.2013 - 07.07.2013

Rajko Čuber (1957, Brestanica) has set out as the principal installation concept in the salon the placing of painted canvases one next to another, and has thus placed in the space the image of a line, which symbolises the artist’s life path.  Despite the fact that for this occasion Čuber has in effect painted his life in one sweep, he has consciously incorporated onto the canvas components that have created the accents of his stylistic stances in certain earlier periods. The mood installation thus fuses into one single painting, one image. The range of colour is also adapted to this. All the shades of intensive red with their distinct tonally turbulent background, where shades of blue often appear as a counterpoint of the emphatic depth, transform through the artist’s life path to a personification of his being, his experience.

Photo: Vlado Bucalo

Nataliya Gorza, Slike in risbe

Nataliya Gorza
Paintings and Drawings

Lamut's Art Salon, 12.04.2013 - 12.05.2013

Nataliya Gorza (born in 1972) calls herself a painter of »psychological portraits«. Her portraits can be labelled as autobiographical works since the author paints family members, friends, and acquaintances. »I am captivated by the power of the view as a complex process happening within as well as outside,« the author says about her works.


Uroš Weinberger, Displaced world, deplasiran svet.

Uroš Weinberger
Displaced world

Lamut's art salon, 05.10.-18.11.2012

Uroš Weinberger (1975) is the receiver of the award at the biennial exhibition A Look 6 following the theme Me, Here, Now. His work was recognised and selected by curators of nine regional galleries from Slovenia. After five biennial exhibitions, which were dedicated to the artists from Slovenian regions of Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Posavje, this was the first one that encompasses and addresses the developments in visual arts on a national level.
Weinberger’s awarded work entitled Acid Rain is only one piece of a larger series of works in which he reflects the situation in his own environment with great intensity. The artist thus responds to various phenomena, from ecological threats to closeness of military aggressions. With the Displaced World exhibition, Weinberger continues to explore these themes and focuses on the common denominator which speaks of the fact that we are all – every one of us – from the moment we are born to this world, constantly led and controlled; and that whatever has been going on on the global scale is not a mere coincidence.

Kostanjevica na Krki: obrazi arhitekturne dediščine,

Kostanjevica na Krki: Faces of Arcitectural Heritage

Lamut's art salon, 20.07.2012 - 23.09.2012

The old town centre of Kostanjevica was declared a cultural monument in 1997 because of its long history and continuity of the settlement, spatial organisation and preservation of the original land-parcel grid.
The layout of the old town core follows the spatial organisation from the 13th century, when Kostanjevica was granted town rights.
The exhibition has been conceived with the wish to draw the attention of the public, particularly the inhabitants of Kostanjevica na Krki, to the elements of cultural heritage that are threatened. The aim of the exhibition is to encourage a responsible attitude towards heritage, which not only provides a high quality living environment, but can also be an exceptional tourism product. For this reason, accompanying events ranging from creative and educational workshops for children to a series of expert lectures, will attempt to establish a dialogue between the owners or users of the heritage of the island town, representatives of the local community and expert services.

Jasmina Nedanovski, Moja zgodba

Jasmina Nedanovski
My Story

Lamut's art salon, 23.03.-06.05.2012

Jasmina Nedanovski is an artist of younger generation who works in classic printing techniques, above all woodcut. At the exhibition at Lamut’s Art Salon the selection of 42 works from her previous years is displayed. These are drawings and sketches for graphic works from her earlier series such as Duel, Palimpsest and Parthenon.
The artist and her work will be presented by Katja Ceglar, while the exhibition will be opened by Mojmir Pustoslemšek, the mayor of Kostanjevica na Krki. The opening programme will include the concert of a guitarist Miha Koretič.


Blaž Vehovar, Slike & kipi

Blaž Vehovar
Paintings & sculptures

Lamut's art salon, 14.10. - 13.11.2011

Exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Blaž Vehovar. Graduate of Venetian Academy of Fine Arts acts within a group of young artists who have taken on the name of CYP2C9.
His works are impregnated by a particular kind of bitter-sweet lyricism which is achieved by the contrast between rough technique and delicate effects which we experience as strong feeling. Materials and objects often function as signs and are joined by graffiti as mediators of the code to the encoded message.
Opening programme featured Mojca Menoni (violin) and Martin Sikur (cello)
Opening speech had been delivered by Simona Lupšina from Krško Municipality.


Group Exhibition
A Look at Visual Arts in Slovenia 6: I, Here, Now

Lamut's art salon, 09.09.2011 - 02.10.2011

Biennial exhibition: A Look at Visual Arts in Slovenia 6: I, Here, Now
Participating artists: Dubravko Baumgartner, Vesna Blagotinšek, BridA/Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica, Tom Kerševan, Robi Caglič, Ana Čigon, Andreja Džakušič, Milan Golob, Maja Hodošček, Jurij Kalan, Anja Kranjc, Gani Llalloshi, Martina Mihoković, Maja Pučl, Jože Slak, Natalija Šeruga, Marko Tušek, Tanja Vergles, and the prizewinning artist of Pogled 6/ Review 6 Uroš Weinberger. More about biennial exhibition on the following link: tukaj.

Forma viva 50 let, Forma viva - kostanjeviško okno v svet

Forma viva 50 years
Forma viva – Kostanjevica's window to the world

Lamut's art salon; 15.07 - 21.08.2011

International Forma Viva Symposium and its four interconnected sites - Kostanjevica na Krki, Seča near Portorož, Ravne na Koroškem and Maribor – is, undeniably, an outstanding phenomena. Exhibition presents selected accomplishments of Forma Viva Symposium’s fifty years of existence. The exhibition begins with a photograph (1960) showing the initial founders,Vilma Pirkovič and Lado Smrekar, while visiting the site at St. Margarethen, It continues with shorter texts and documentary photographs. Amongst the items displayed a visitor could also found visual art works (drawings, prints, sketches …), left in Kostanjevica by FV participants, some posters and a number of small sculptures that were used as models or were done independently from the main sculpture. The exhibition also presented a number of sculptures works from the Coastal Galleries Piran and a single sculpture from Ravne na Koroškem. The exhibition was enriched by presenting documentary videos RTV SLO (1961-1988) and photo installation of Uroš Abram entitled Photo Viva.

Goran Štimac, Skulpture in risbe

Goran Štimac
Sculptures and Drawings

Lamut's art salon, 03.06. - 03.07.2011

Exhibition of the artists and Professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Rijeka who presented his works at more than fifty solo exhibitions of sculptures, drawings and paintings and more than 120 group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. His work was awarded on a number of occasions. Artist and his work had been introduced by Sonja Briski Uzelac, PhD.

Tomaž Gorjup, Zajetje v času, slike 2001-2011

Tomaž Gorjup
Capturing in Time, Paintings 2001-2011

Lamut's art salon, 15.04.2011 - 22.05.2011

Exhibition of Tomaž Gorjup, painter, Professor of Drawing and painting at the Faculty of education, University of Ljubljana. The exhibition presents last ten years of the artist’s works. During this period Gorjup has renounced the figure and adopted a radically differend approach to painting. As we view the-see works, we therefore get the feeling of a complete whole and gain an insight into the development of the artistic language of a mature and entirely independent artist. Essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Metoda Kemperl, PhD.


Vladimir Leben, Iz prve roke

Vladimir Leben

Lamut's art salon, 15.10.2010 – 07.11.2010

Solo exhibition of Vladimir Leben, the awarded artist of the biennial exhibition Pogled 5/ Review 5, presented Leben’s recent works, including awarded animation Smell of love.

Andrej Grošelj, Akvareli, pismenke in lesene skulpture

Andrej Grošelj
Watercolours, Charasters and Sculptures

Lamut's art salon, 03.09.2010 - 03.10.2010

With retrospective exhibition, artist presented the last decade of his work. In the almost pedagogical way, the influence of matter on the sculpture form is explained. Besides wooden sculpture, ink drawings and watercolours had also been presented. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Koroška Art Gallery’s curator, Jernej Kožar.
The opening programme featured Nina Grošelj/ violin and Maja Schuster/ piano.
Exhibition is a result of collaboration with Koroška Art Gallery Slovenj Gradec.

Bojan Radovič,

Bojan Radovič

Lamut's art salon, 23.07.2010 - 22.08.2010

Project Imitari – Timebox questions the relationship between image, time and movement, typical for Deleuze’s paradigm image-movement image-time. Using his camera lenses as the means of analysis, Radovič transforms viewer into ‘the one who deconstructs a single film frame’. By doing this, he does not only establish a code of visual reading, but also engage viewer in the very act of the cut which is exhibited.
Exhibition had been curated by Sebastjan Leban.

Zoran Didek, Risbe šestih motivov

Zoran Didek
Drawings of six motifs

Lamut's art salon, 11.06.2010 - 17.07.2010

Exhibition celebrated 100th anniversary of painter Zoran Didek’s birth. It is organized in six thematic joints: Autoportrait, A Wake, Towards Confinement, The Couple, In front of an Easle, Landscape. Project “Zoran Didek, Drawings of six motifs”, had been introduced by exhibition’s curator, Goran Milovanović, and opened by secretary-general of Ministry of Culture RS, Nada Zoran and the Mayor of Kostanjevica na Krki Municipality, Mojmir Pustoslemšek. Accompanying programme featured violinist Manja Slak.

Več avtorjev, Krajina iz muzejskih depojev

Various artists
Landscape from the repositories

Lamut's art salon, 30.04.2010 - 06.06.2010

Exhibition of Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Posavje landscapes and some city views from the repositories of the five institutions participating in the project: Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki, Bela Krajina Museum, Metlika, Dolenjska Museum, Novo mesto, Regional Museum, Kočevje and Posavje Muzeum, Brežice.

Dragica Čadež, Zgodba o drevesu

Dragica Čadež
Story of a Tree

Lamut's art salon, 19.03.2010 - 25.04.2010

Exhibition celebrated 70th anniversary of the artist who contributed many of her sculptures to
Božidar Jakac Art Museum collection. Exhibition presented detailed examination and analysis of her sculptures, arranged in series which prove great variety of artist’s work. On this occasion, expert monograph about the artist, written by Sarival Sosič, PhD, had been released.


Več avtorjev, Pogled 5: I Feel Kostanjevica na Krki

Group Exhibition
A Look at Visual Arts 5: I Feel Kostanjevica na Krki

Lamut's art salon, 23.10. 2009 - 29.11. 2009

Biennial exhibition Pogled 5/ Review 5 presented works of Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Posavje artists which reflect specific relation to Kostanjevica na Krki: Uroš Abram, Rajko Čuber, Vesna Hrovat, Simon Kajtna, Mateja Kavčič, Jurij Kocuvan, Mojca Lampe Kajtna, Matija Lapuh, Vladimir Leben, Robert Lozar, Jože Marinč, Jožica Medle, Nataša Mirtič, Janko Orač, Borut Peterlin, Vojko Pogačar, Andreja Potočar, Boštjan Pucelj, Bojan Radovič, Marija Rus, Gorazd Šimenko, Uroš Weinberger and Danica Žbontar. Project as a whole and participating artists with their works were introduced by exhibition’s curator Barbara Rupel. 
In the photo: prize-winning artist Vladimir Leben and curator Barbara Rupel

Bogdan Borčić, Pregledna razstava risb

Bogdan Borčić
Retrospective exhibition of drawings

Lamut's art salon, 19.06. 2009 - 25.07. 2009

„The whole opus of Borčić‘s work is exceptionally large. The concept of the exhibition thus focuses on works which represent classical drawing, i.e. line made with graphic pen. The exhibition represents sixty years of artist’s engagement with drawing technique which deeply marked Borčić‘s development of motive. Starting with mimetic images, tthe motives evolved into abstraction and, in the recent period, minimalistic reduction,“ as observed by exhibition’s curator Goran Milovanović.
Opening speech had been delivered by Stojan Pelko, PhD, national secretary at the Ministry of Culture RS.  The accompanying programme featured the presentation of the documentary film about the painter and printmaker Bogdan Borčić, directed by Filip Robar Dorin/ producer Studio Vrtinec.

Danilo Jejčič, Grafike

Danilo Jejčič

Lamut's art salon, 08.05. 2009- 08.06. 2009

Exhibition of prints made by the artist who „is constantly tracing new visions in the viewer’s gaze for our conceptions of inimitable bodies“. In the words exhibition’s curator Jure Mikuž, „Danilo Jejčič has devoted his whole life to the rational and intuitive exploration search for harmonious visual rhythms. The surface of his works vibrates in the viewer’s gaze with the greatest possible force and expands like visible weaves of air (or at least seems to) into the support or from it and over the edges of the image.“

Bojan Kovačič, Grafika 1998-2008

Bojan Kovačič
Prints 1998-2008

Lamut's art salon, 20.03.2009 - 20.04.2009

„Bojan Kovačič‘s work remains within the frame of Modernist printmaking, which is subjective and self-referential in the sense of the registration of its making as part of the artist’s expressive arsenal,“ as exhibition’s curator Andrej Smrekar observed in the essay accompanying the catalogue. The curator has also introduced the works at the exhibition opening. 


Črtomir Frelih, Razpiranja

Črtomir Frelih
The Encounter

Lamut's art salon, 28.11.2008 - 21.12.2008

„Many different things seek, encounter and touch each other in Frelih’s world: elements of landscape, objects, human and animal figures, love and death, deep thoughts and feelings, sharp filigree-precise drawings and large-scale vehement colour shapes, lyrical watercolours, acrylic and wax, ...“ wrote curator Judita Krivec Dragan, who introduced artist at the exhibition opening and with the essay accompanying the catalogue.

Boštjan Pucelj, Pogrešani v akciji

Prvi listi - začetki umetniške grafike na Slovenskem 1900-1920,

Group Exhibition
First prints – the begginings of art prints in Slovenia, 1900-1920

Lamut's art salon, 20.06.2008 - 03.08.2008

Guest exhibition of Slovene National Gallery, curated and introduced by Andrej Smrekar, PhD.

Bogdan Borčić, Metka Kavčič, Vrata

Bogdan Borčić, Metka Kavčič

Lamut's art salon, 9.5.08 - 16.5.08

Guest exhibition prepared by Koroška Art Gallery, Slovenj Gradec, presenting the doors as one of the most common functional objects which nevertheless covers a wide conceptual spectrum. The meaning of the doors, a thing we use daily, is also deeply metaphorical, allegorical as well as associative.

Josef Ressel: Od vijaka do junaka,

Josef Ressel: From a Screw to the Hero
Josef Ressel: From a Screw to the Hero

Lamut's art salon, 14.03. 2008 - 20.04. 2008

Guest exhibition of the Technical Museum of Slovenia.
Opening introduction had been contributed by Czech Republic Ambassador, her excellency Ivana Hlavsova. Sandi Sitar, PhD, offered a guided tour of the exhibition.

Tihomir Pintar, Obrazi slovenskih umetnikov

Tihomir Pintar
Faces of Slovene artists

Lamut's art salon, 07.02. 2008 - 09.03. 2008

Exhibition celebrated photographer’s 70th anniversary and had been opened on the evening before Slovene Cultural Day. Artist and his work had been introduced by Jure Mikuž, PhD, who used this occasion to present his newly published monograph 1/125, Moments with the artists. accompanying programme featured Boris Šinigoj/ lute.


Jože Gorjup - neizživeto hrepenenje,

Jože Gorjup – Unfullfiled longing
Jože Gorjup – Unfullfiled longing

Lamut's art salon, 10.11. 2007 - 03.02. 2008

Documentary and art exhibition introduced by Andrej Smrekar who described life and art of Kostanjevica’s painter, sculptor and printmaker, Jože Gorjup. Prior to the opening, a concert of Chamber String Quartet of Slovenian Philharmonic took place in Sant Nicholas church. Honourable speeches were delivered by Andrej Smrekar, PhD/ exhibition’s curator and chair of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum board, Mojmir Pustoslemšek/ Mayor of Kostanjevica na Krki municipality and Damjan Prelovšek, PhD/ General Manager of Directorate for Cultural Heritage at Ministry of Culture RS.

Nevenka Arbanas, Grafike 2003 - 2007

Nevenka Arbanas
The Graphic Arts 2003 - 2007

Lamut's art salon, 05.10. 2007 - 05.11. 2007

Exhibition of „the artist who has long occupied a position at the very summit of contemporary Croatian printmaking, yet she persists in traditional printing techniques“, as observed by Goran Milovanović, exhibition’s curator.
Opening programme featired Igor Lumpert (saxophon, composition scheme) and Gita Blak (electronic).
Opening speech had been delivered by the ambassador of republic of Croatia, dr. Mario Nobilo.

Vlado Stjepić, Risbe

Vlado Stjepić

Lamut's art salon, 31.08.2007 - 30.09.2007

As exhibitions curator acknowledged in the essay accompanying the catalogue, „Vlado Stjepić presented us with drawings that are conceived in an utterly unique way and can actually only conditionally be described as drawings. He proceeded from the fact that a starting point for drawing is the point, which in itself already satisfies the criteria for the definition of a drawing.“

Blaž de Gleria, Digitalna risba

Blaž de Gleria
Digital Drawings

Lamut's art salon, 29.06. 2007- 19.08. 2007

Solo exhibition of an awarder author of biennial Group Exhibition Sight 4. In the essay accompanying the catalogue, curator Barbara Rupel had described Blaž de Gleria as ‘belonging among the few visual artists who have focused on the basic visual expressiveness of the drawing with such intensity“. The opening programme featured violinist Petra Božič and Branko Rožman on accordion.


Umetnost - slavospev življenju,

Art – a hymn to life
Art – a hymn to life

Lamut's art salon, 27.10. 2006 - 28.02. 2007

Documentary photograph exhibition marking 50th anniversary of gallery activities in Kostanjevica na Krki. Exhibition had been curated by Andrej Smrekar who had also authored the accompanying essay in the catalogue.
Opening speech had been delivered by the president of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Prof. Boštjan Žekš.

Mateja Kavčič, Krog

Mateja Kavčič

Lamut's art salon, 23.06.2006 - 27.08.2006

At this site-specific installation the artist presented round canvases shoving The Four Seasons, with plants spreading in concentric radiation,’ as exhibition’s curator Barbara Sterle Vurnik observes in an essay accompanying the catalogue.
Ambiental installation in front of Lamut’s Art Salon.
Accompanying programme featured Sound music.

Več avtorjev, Pogled 4: risba v kontekstu

Group Exhibition
A Look at Visual Arts 4: Drawing contextualised

Lamut's art salon, 23.06.2006 - 27.08.2006

Biennial exhibition Pogled 4/ A Look at Visual Arts 4: Drawing contextualised
Curator: Barbara Rupel
Participating artists: Andrej Blažon, Suzana Bricelj, Tina Brinovar, Blaž de Gleria, Mateja Kavčič, Martina Koritnik Fajt, Kristina Krhin, Jože Kumer, Vladimir Leben, Robert Lozar, Jože Marinč, Petra Matijevič, Nataša Mirtič, Silvan Omerzu, Janko Orač, Jure Perpar, Marija Rus, Vojko Pogačar, Apolonija Simon, Jože Slak and Uroš Weinberger.

Franc Novinc, Barvna žarenja

Franc Novinc
Radiations of colour

Lamut's art salon, 05.05. 2006 - 04.06. 2006

Exhibition of painters by artist who, in the opinion of curator’s Anamarija Stibilj Šajn, „focuses his creative attention on the exploration of a new reality that has never been discovered in similar motifs before.“

Žarko Vrezec, Dela na papirju

Žarko Vrezec
Works on the paper

Lamut's art salon, 05.04.2006- 23.04.2006

Selection of Žarko Vrezec’s work, Works on the paper 1995 – 2005 had been, prior to exhibition in Božidar Jakac art Museum, exhibited in three exhibition grounds of Piran Coastal Galleries. „Works show an unforced and independent creative path based only on constant and extremely personal exploration of the chosen medium,“ as exhibition’s curator Nives Marvin observed.


Janko Orač, Vrtovi

Janko Orač

Lamut's art salon, 30.09. 2005 - 30.10. 2005

Exhibition of recent paintings. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by art historian and critic Boris Gorupič, the exhibition’s curator.
Opening programme featured Lado Jakša.

Jože Ciuha, Hommage pesnikom: akvareli 2000 - 2005

Jože Ciuha
Homage to poets: Watercolours 2000 - 2005

Lamut's art salon, 01.07. 2005 - 28.08. 2005

Exhibition had presented a less known aspect of Jože Ciuha’s creativity that had not yet been presented in this part of Slovenia, although he is engaging in watercolour technique for the last twenty years.
He entitled paintings with verses, the meaning of which he extracted from poems by Slovene and foreign poets. The essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Barbara Rupel, the exhibition’s curator. The opening had been performed by mayor of Krško municipality, Franci Bogovič.

Robert Lozar, fffire

Robert Lozar

Lamut's art salon, 06.05. 2005- 26.06. 2005

Solo exhibition of an awarder author of biennial Group Exhibition Sight 3: Absolutely mine. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Barbara Rupel, the exhibition’s curator.


Luka Popič, Grafike in slike

Luka Popič
Prints and paintings

Lamut's art salon, 10.09. 2004 - 10.10. 2004

Exhibition of Luka Popič‘s works, made between 1998 and 2003, is a result of fruitful collaboration between Koroška Art Gallery and Božidar Jakac Art Museum. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Jernej Kožar.

Več avtorjev, Pogled 3: popolnoma moje

Group Exhibition
A Look at Visual Arts 3: Absolutely mine

Lamut's art salon, 09.07.2004- 29.08.2004

Participating artists: Mateja Kavčič. Martina Koritnik Fajt, Jože Kumer, Robert Lozar, Jože Marinč, Jožica Medle, Nataša Mirtič, Janko Orač, Igor Papež, Borut Peterlin, Vojko Pogačar, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Bojan Radovič, Marija Rus, Apolonija Simon, Damjana Stopar, Jože Vrščaj, Uroš Weinberger.
Opening introduction had been contributed by Barbara Rupel, the exhibition’s curator. accompanying programme featured Igor Lumpert / saxophone and Marijan Dović / violin.

Marjan Gumilar, O

Marjan Gumilar

Lamut's art salon, 14.05. 2004- 20.06. 2004

In his series of the ‘orbital images’, the artist had concentrated on the painting’s surface as one, unified and continuous colour field. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Andrej Smrekar, the exhibition’s curator.

Več avtorjev, Mlada generacija slovenske grafike

Group Exhibition
The Young Generation of Slovene Graphic

Lamut's art salon, 12.03.2004 - 21.04.2004

The exhibition presented the works of ten graphic artists: Martina Bohar, Vesna Drnovšek, Anja Jerčič, Nataša Mirtič, Miha Perčič, Damjana Stopar, Gorazd Šimenko, Sašo Vrabič, Ana Zavadlav in Mojca Zlokarnik. During the exhibition’s preparation phase, all of them had finished, were just finishing, or had been atending postgraduate studies of graphics at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, which had been influenced by the tradition of the Ljubljana School of Graphic Arts.  Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Katja Ceglar, the exhibition’s curator. The opening programme featured flautist Andreja Zlatič and Daniel Ivša on accordion.


Božidar Jakac, Risarski dnevniki (november 1919 - september 1925)

Božidar Jakac
Drawing Diaries (november 1919 - september 1925)

Lamut's art salon, 19.09.2003- 31.10.2003

Exhibition of selected drawings from artist’s drawing diaries. „Diaries are the original and pure treasury from which the artist drew, both at the time and thereafter,“ as art historian Milček Komelj refers to them in the essay accompanying the catalogue, explaining that these „outwardly „miniature“ youthful diaries are an expression of unimaginable creative acquisitiveness, wrapped in the light of the artist basic life philosophy and central awakener of his later memory of his creative youth“. The opening introduction had been contributed by Milček Komelj.
The opening programme featured violinist Maja Bevc.

Borut Peterlin, Ob petih zjutraj

Borut Peterlin
At 5 a.m.

Lamut's art salon, 23.05.2003 - 29.06.2003

Solo exhibition of an awarder author of biennial Group Exhibition Sight 2.Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Barbara Rupel, the exhibition’s curator. 
Opening programme featured guitar player Jan Tomšič and violinist Marijan Dović.

Nikolaj Beer, Razstava slik in risb

Nikolaj Beer
Painting and drawing exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 28.03.2003 - 04.05.2003

Exhibition of works by painter which belongs to a so-called ‘Prekmurje painting group’. At the exhibition opening, painter and his work had been introduced by curator Katja Ceglar, who also contributed accompanying words in the catalogue.


Zrcaljenja - Kostanjevica na Krki,

Reflections - Kostanjevica na Krki
Reflections - Kostanjevica na Krki

Lamut's art salon, 17.05.2002- 31.10.2002

Exhibition celebrated 750th anniversary of Kostanjevica na Krki’s first mentioning in written sources.  Essays accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Vlasta Dejak, Alenka Jovanovič, Oži Lorber and Ivanka Počkar, PhD. Catalogue and exhibition has been designed by Dušan Podgornik and Borko Tepina. Catalogue had been published by Posavje Museum Brežice, which, together with Božidar Jakac Art Museum, organized the exhibition. Honourable speech had been delivered by Minister of Culture RS, Andreja Rihter.

Marija Rus, Bela Krajina

Marija Rus
White Carniola

Lamut's art salon, 05.04.2002- 05.05.2002

In the essay accompanying the catalogue, written by artist herself, Marija Rus claims to ‘absorb the characteristics of even the most ordinary scene of nature into my inner world, remodel and transform them into a new quality. Thanks to these paintings, Bela Krajina no longer appears gaudy to me – in them I see the meaning of my artistic creativity.’
Opening programme featured poet Marjanca Kočevar and pianist Erik Šuler.

Več avtorjev, Pogled 2: pogled na arhitekturo, oblikovanje, fotografijo in ilustracijo po letu 1999 na Dolenjskem

Group Exhibition
A Look at Visual Arts 2: Architecture, design, photography and illustration of Dolenjska region after 1999

Lamut's art salon, 22.02.2002 - 20.03.2002

Participating artists: Ksenija Berkopec, Andrej Blažon, Suzana Vricelj, Matej Filipčič, Gregor Gutman, Jurij Kocuvan, Jože Marinč, Silvan Omerzu, Borut Peterlin, Borut Simič in Suzana Simič. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Barbara Rupel, the exhibition’s curator.
In the photo: curator Barbara Rupel with participating artists


Jasna Samarin, Slike 1998 - 2001

Jasna Samarin
Paintings 1998 - 2001

Lamut's art salon, 07.09.2001- 08.10.2001

Exhibition of recent works. Opening introduction and catalogue text by Sergej kapus, teaching assistant of Art pedagogy course at the Faculty of Education, Ljubljana. Accompanying programme of the exhibition opening featured violinists Jelena Ždrale and Volodja Balžalorsky.

James Brown, Dela na papirju 1981 - 1998

James Brown
Works on the paper 1981 - 1998

Lamut's art salon, 06.07.2001- 26.08.2001

Guest exhibition as a result of collaboration between Piran Costal Galleries, Galerie Lelong, Pariz and Klueser from Munich.

Več avtorjev, Dela na papirju

Group Exhibition
Works on the paper

Lamut's art salon, 11.05.2001- 24.06.2001

Prints, presented at the exhibition, were a result of artist’s engagement with classical technique. Participating artists: Vesna Drnovšek, Nataša Mirtič and Gorazd Šimenko. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Katja Ceglar, the exhibition’s curator.
Accompanying programme featured jazz trio STRING.SI.

Več avtorjev, 12. otroški extempore

Group Exhibition
12th children extempore

Lamut's art salon, 25.05.2001 - 06.06.2001

Exhibition presented works by participants of painting workshops. Opening speech had been delivered by academic sculptor prof. Dušan Tršar. Accompanying programme featured clarinet quartet Clarinova.

Več avtorjev, 90. leta v primorski likovni umetnosti

Group Exhibition
Nineties in Primorska region's visual art

Lamut's art salon, 23.03.2001 - 22.04.2001

Exhibition presented works of two women painters, sixteen man painters and four sculptors who, ‘each with the experience of personal development through chosen technique and material enabling them to define their time, place, physical and spiritual occurrences,’ as observed by exhibition’s curator Nives Marvin
Accompanying programme featured jazz singer Mojca Maljevac and guitarist Žarko Živkovič.


Ivo Mršnik, Pregledna razstava risb in grafik

Ivo Mršnik
Retrospective exhibition of drawings and prints

Lamut's art salon, 08.09.2000 - 31.10.2000

Exhibition presented series of NN’s portraits from the seventies, drawing series (figure) and print series from the eighties. The series of prints entitled ‘Thousand and one’ and drawings (labels and office paper rolls) source in nineties period. Essays accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Sergej Kapus and Katja Ceglar, the exhibition’s curator.

Apolonija Simon, Slike 1999 / 2000

Apolonija Simon
Paintings 1999 / 2000

Lamut's art salon, 16.06.2000 - 28.08.2000

Exhibition of the awarded author of the Sight 1, a biennale Group Exhibition. At the exhibition opening, the artist’s works were introduced by curator Barbara Ruper who also contributed text in the catalogue to accompany the exhibition. The opening programme featured two guitar players, Uroš Usenik and Peter Lagudin. 

Več avtorjev, XI. otroški extempore

Group Exhibition
XI. children extempore

Lamut's art salon, 23.05.2000

Exhibition of works by pupils, participants of traditional children painting workshops.

Nuša Lapajne, Pretakanje

Nuša Lapajne

Lamut's art salon, 31.03.2000 - 21.05.2000

Following the words of Barbara Rupel, exhibition’s curator and author of the accompanying essay in the catalogue, Nuša Lapajne ‘has entered the world of an entirely spatial approach to solving visual problems, or the so called installations’. The installation ‘tackles the destiny of a man who, throughout his life, endlessly receives and gives out energies of different quality’.


Vladimir Makuc, Pregledna razstava del

Vladimir Makuc
Retrospective exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 24.06.1999 - 05.09.1999

Exhibition of works by Vladimir Makuc, a painter and printmaker. Opening speech and essay accompanying the catalogue were contributed by Andrej Smrekar, director of Slovenian National Gallery.

Več avtorjev, X. otroški extempore

Group Exhibition
X. children extempore

Lamut's art salon, 19.05.1999 - 02.06.1999

Exhibition of works by pupils, participants of the painting workshops. The theme of the workshops was ‘Rowing on the Krka river’.  The works had been introduced by academic painter Jože Marinč.  Accompanying programme featured pupils and teachers of Krško Music School.

Cvetka Miloš, Retrospektiva

Cvetka Miloš
Tapestries: Retrospective exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 16.04.1999 - 16.05.1999

Retrospective exhibition of tapestries is a result of three decades of creative work by the artist who had left visible traces on both Slovene and Croatian territory. The artist had been introduced by curator Barbara Rupel while Vlado Deržič, mayor of Brežice municipality, held the opening speech. The opening programme featured harpist Marija Mlinar from Zagreb.

Svetlana Jakimovska Rodić, Grafike

Svetlana Jakimovska Rodić

Lamut's art salon, 12.03.1999 - 11.04.1999

Exhibition presented prints of the artist who, upon completion of her studies at the Fine Art Academy in Skopje Macedonia, did her specialization at the Fine Art Academy in Ljubljana. The artist was introduced by curator Katja Ceglar.

Več avtorjev, Pogled 1

Group Exhibition
A Look at Visual Arts 1

Lamut's art salon, 22.01.1999 - 05.03.1999

Exhibition Pogled 1/ A Look at Visual Arts 1 featured: Mitja Berce, Rajko Čuber, Simona Čudovan, Dušan Filipčič, Martina Koritnik Fajt, Mojca Lampe, Kristina Lazetić-Kiki, Jože Marinč, Nataša Mirtič, Silvan Omerzu, Janko Orač, Vojko Pogačar, Apolonija Simon, Jože Slak - Đoka and Branko Suhy. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Barbara Rupel, the exhibition’s curator. Accompanying programme featured Big Band Krško conducted by Aleš Suša.
In the photo: award-winning artist Apolonija Simon


Več avtorjev, Kostanjevica v objektivu

Group Exhibition
Kostanjevica through the lenses

Lamut's art salon, 16.10.1998 - 31.10.1998

Exhibition of Amateur Photographer Club Krško.

France Gorše, Iz donacije dr. Vojka in dr. Glorije Slavke Bratina

France Gorše
From donation of Gojko Bratina, PhD, and Glorija Slavka Bratina, PhD

Lamut's art salon, 17.07.1998

Exhibition of works by France Gorše, donated to the Božidar Jakac Art Museum. Opening speech had been delivered by Jožef Školč, Culture Minister. Accompanying programme featured Štefka Drolc. Essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Andrej Smrekar, PhD.

Več avtorjev, Likovna kolonija Čatež ob Savi 1998

Group Exhibition
Čatež ob Savi Art Symposium, 1998

Lamut's art salon, 09.06.1998 - 14.06.1998

Visual art exhibition, organized by Alufinal, Krško. Opening introduction had been contributed by the selector of the symposium, art historian Nelida Nemec.

Več avtorjev, Sodobna škotska grafika

Group Exhibition
Contemporary Scottish Print

Lamut's art salon, 29.05.1998 - 15.06.1998

Guest exhibition, sent by Agart Art Cooperative Ljubljana. Opening introduction had been contributed by Milan Pirker.

Več avtorjev, 9. otroški ekstempore: stare zidanice

Group Exhibition
9th children extempore: old vineyard cottages

Lamut's art salon, 24.04.1998 - 15.05.1998

Exhibition presented watercolours made during traditional extempore on the subject of ‘old vineyard cottages’. Opening introduction had been contributed by academic painter Alojz Konec. Opening speech had been delivered by Brane Janc, member of parliament RS. Accompanying programme featured Jožeta Gorjupa Primary School pupils and MePZ SVIT from Krško.

Več avtorjev, Svetopisemska razstava

Group Exhibition
Biblical exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 27.02.1998

With this exhibition, 450th anniversary of Jurij Dalmatin’s birth and 400th anniversary of Adam Bohorič‘s death had been honoured. The exhibition is a result of collaboration between Krško Municipality, United Bible Society of Slovenia and Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki.
March 20th, 1998, 7.30 PM: public lecture of Prof. Marjan Peklaj, PhD: Genetic engineering – biblical answers on ethical questions


Vojko Pogačar, Gole slikoknjige

Vojko Pogačar
Naked paint-books

Lamut's art salon, 16.05.1997 - 09.06.1997

Painting exhibition presented works by artist from Krško. Opening introduction had been contributed by Edita Mileta, Maribor Art Gallery’s curator. Accompanying programme featured Lado Jakša.


Jože Vodlan, Retrospektiva

Jože Vodlan

Lamut's art salon, 05.10.1996

Exhibition of works by Slovene painter who lives in the USA. Opening introduction had been contributed by Bojan Božič, director of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum. Exhibition had been opened at the occasion of the Kostanjevica na Krki local community festival.

Štefan Marflak,

Štefan Marflak

Lamut's art salon, 23.08.1996

Retrospective painting exhibition (1981-1996). Opening introduction had been contributed by Marko Košan. The exhibition had first been shown in Koroška Art Gallery, Slovenj Gradec. 
Accompanying programme featured Jerca Mrzel.

Jože Marinč,

Jože Marinč

Lamut's art salon, 17.05.1996

Painting exhibition presented works by Jože Marinč, made during the period of last five years. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Aleksander Bassin. Accompanying programme featured All Capone Štrajh Trio.


Več avtorjev, Pomlad ob Krki in Savi

Group Exhibition
Spring by the Krka and Sava rivers

Lamut's art salon, 19.05.1995 - 04.07.1995

Exhibition of the visual art symposium featured: Nikolaj Beer, Martina Fajt - Koritnik, Erna Ferjanič - Fric, Herman Gvardjančič, Zdenko Huzjan, Merjan Jelenc, Rado Jerič, Bojan Klančar, Janez Knez, Janez-Mišo Knez, Leon Koporc, Slavko Kores, Henrik Krnec, Albin Lugarič, Henrik Marchel, Štefan Merflak, Jože Marinč, Janko Orač, Darinka Pavletič - Lorenčak, Vojko Pogaćar, Tone Seifert, Marjan Skumavc, Rudi Stopar, Samo Šilas, Mira Uršič and Stane Žerko.
Accompanying programme featured young pianist Maja Fürst.


Vasilije Jordan,

Vasilije Jordan

Lamut's art salon, 16.06.1994 - 15.09.1994

Exhibition presenting paintings and drawings celebrated the artist’s 60th anniversary. Artist and his work had been introduced by curator Ida Tomše. Opening speech had been delivered by Božo Biškupić. Accompanying programme featured Zagreb quartet (Goran Končar/ violin, Goran Bakrać/ violin, Ante Živković/ viola and Martin Jordan/ cello) performing American quartet by Antonin Dvorak.

Barbara Vider, O kostanjeviškem gradu

Barbara Vider
About Kostanjevica Castle

Lamut's art salon, 15.05.1994

Exhibition of photographs, introduced by the photographer Marjan Smerke. After the initial opening, Celje People’s Theatre performed Damir Zlatar Frey’s play ‘Blood and Hinds’.


Anton Repnik,

Anton Repnik

Lamut's art salon, 26.10.1993 - 10.12.1993

Exhibition presented works by Ivan Sedej, PhD. Accompanying programe featured actor Tone Gogala performing Matjaž Kmecl’s play „Andrej Smole, famous Slovene“.
The event had marked the 50th anniversary of hostages execution in Kostanjevica na Krki.
In the photo: Ida Tomše, curator of Božidar Jakac Art Museum

Bogdan Borčić, Pregledna razstava grafike 1958-1993

Bogdan Borčić
Retrospective exhibition of prints 1958-1993

Lamut's art salon, 10.09.1993

Opening included in a series of events marking 300th anniversary oj Janez Vajkard Valvasor’s death. On the same day, two organ concerts had been performed at the former monastery church – first one at 10.30 AM for primary pupils, the second one at 7.30 PM, both performed by Filip Križnik. This was followed by a concert AVE Chamber Choir, conducted by Andraž Hauptman and performing on Sunday, September 19th, at 7 PM.

Ivana Kobilca, Ferdo Vesel,

Ivana Kobilca, Ferdo Vesel

Lamut's art salon, 24.06.1993 - 31.08.1993

Guest exhibition presented works by Ivana Kobilica and Ferdo Vesel, from Clovene national Gallery Collection. Works, exhibited in the honour of Lamut Art Salon’s 35th anniversary, had been selected by curator Ferdinand Šerbelj.


Mitja Berce, Novejša dela

Mitja Berce
Recent works

Lamut's art salon, 10.07.1992

Retrospective exhibition presented the works by Dolenjska artist. Exhibition had also been presented in Casa Veneta - Comune di Muggia/Trieste. Essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Jure Mikuž, PhD and Andrej Smrekar, PhD, who also introduced the artist at the opening. Accompanying programme featured Andrej and Tomaž Petrač.

Jože Gorjup,

Jože Gorjup

Lamut's art salon, 22.05.1992 - 29.06.1992

Retrospective exhibition denoting artist’s 85th birth anniversary and 60th death anniversary. Exhibition had also been presented in Posavje Museum Brežice (short essay accompanying the booklet contributed by Ida Tomše) and Modern Gallery Ljubljana (essay accompanying the booklet contributed by Andrej Smrekarja, PhD).
Opening programme featured Jelovica Octet from Škofja Loka ducted by Slavko Mihelčič.


Tone Kralj, Zgodnja grafika 1921-1932 iz zbirke Božidarja Jakca

Tone Kralj
Early prints 1921-1932; from Božidar Jakac collection

Lamut's art salon, 21.06.1991

Presented prints of Tone Kralj, a part of Božidar Jakac’s legacy, ‘carefully preserved collection of early prints by his friend and colleague’, as Andrej Smrekar observed in the essay accompanying the catalogue. Exhibition opening celebrated 80th anniversary of Mrs. Tatjana Jakac.
In the photo: Irena Baar (soprano) and Andrej Varl (guitar)

Milan Rijavec, Pregledna razstava

Milan Rijavec
Retrospective exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 24.05.1991 - 17.06.1991

Artist and his work had been introduced by Janez Mesesnel.  Accompanying programme featured Ruda Ravnik Kosi (harp) and Božo Rogelja (oboe).


Valentin Oman,

Valentin Oman

Lamut's art salon, 22.06.1990

Valentin Oman’s exhibition in Lamut’s Art Salon had been officialy opened by Lojze Peterle, Slovene government’s prime minister. Prior to the event, visitors could see the works which artist had donated to Kostanjevica’s cemetery hall. accompanying programme featured Ljubljana Octet and Acad. Taras Kermauner, PhD, who had delivered the opening speech. At this occasion, booklet including a short essay of Irmgard Bohunovsky-Bärnthaler had been published.

Stojan Zafred, Pregledna razstava

Stojan Zafred
Retrospective exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 26.05.1990

Artist and his work had been introduced by art historian Jožef Matijevič. Accompanying programme featured Chamber Choir Trebnje, conducted by Igor Teršar. Booklet with a short introduction by Jožef Matijević had been published by Božidar Jakac Art Museum and CID Trebnje.

Mirna Pavlovec,

Mirna Pavlovec

Lamut's art salon, 24.04.1990 - 25.05.1990

Exhibition presented works by academic painter from Škofja Loka. The essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Janez Mesesnel, while the opening speech was delivered by the artist’s father Andrej Pavlovec, art historian and principal of the Škofja Loka Museum. Accompanying programme featured Kostanjevica Octet.


Tatjana Verbinc,

Tatjana Verbinc

Lamut's art salon, 07.11.1989

Sale exhibition presented works by academic painter. Opening introduction had been contributed by
art historian – art critic Mirko Juteršek, PhD. Accompanying programme featured Zlata Ognjanović / soprano, Tone Kozlevčar / baritone, Miha Dolžan /zither and Vital Ahačič / accordion, presenting Slovene folk songs.

Božidar Jakac, Grafika 1921-1923

Božidar Jakac
Prints 1921-1923

Lamut's art salon, 06.10.1989

Exhibition had been a result of collaboration between Božidar Jakac Art Museum and Dolenjska Museum Novo mesto. Opening introduction had been contributed by Milček Komelj, PhD. Accompanying programme featured Kostanjevica Octet.


Več avtorjev, IX. grafični bienale jugoslovanskih otrok

Group Exhibition
The 9th biennial of graphic arts by Yugoslav children

Lamut's art salon, 09.06.1989

Exhibition presented 260 works by participants of traditional art seminar. 9th Biennial patron had been well-known and Oscar-winning creator of animations, Dušan Vukotić from Zagreb, with the chair of the jury being academic painter Prof. Ivo Mršnik.


France Gorše,

France Gorše

Lamut's art salon, 31.05.1988

Retrospective exhibition as a result of collaboration between Božidar Jakac Art Museum and Modern Gallery Ljubljana. Opening introduction had been contributed by the principal of Slovene Etnographic Museum, Janez Sedej, PhD, and principal of the Modern Gallery Ljubljana, Jure Mikuž, PhD. At the occasion of exhibition opening, agreement of a long-term collaboration between Forma Viva and Belinka Chemical Industry had been signed.


Vladimir Lamut, Retrospektivna razstava

Vladimir Lamut
Retrospective exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 20.10.1987 - 08.12.1987

Exhibition, a result of collaboration between Božidar Jakac Art Museum and Dolenjska Museum Novo mesto, presented works by academic painter. Opening introduction had been contributed by Milček Komelj, PhD. Accompanying programme featured Tone Kozlevčar ans Miha Dolžan / zither, Slovene folk song.
Exhibition opening has marked the local municipal festival.

Gabrijel Humek,

Gabrijel Humek

Lamut's art salon, 05.05.1987 - 06.06.1987

Exhibition presented works by academic painter, priest G. Humek who lived in worked in Stična Cistercian Abbey.  Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue (published by Stična Cistercian Abbey) had been contributed by Ivan Sedej, PhD. At the occasion of the exhibition opening, Jože Mlinarič’s science monograph Kostanjevica Abbey had been presented.


Andrej Kosič,

Andrej Kosič

Lamut's art salon, 07.10.1986 - 20.10.1986

Watercolour exhibition. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Janez Mesesnel. Accompanying programme featured Trio Arti.
The exhibition marked the beginning of a local festival of Kostanjevica town.

Miroslav Zdovc,

Miroslav Zdovc

Lamut's art salon, 05.09.1986 - 05.10.1986

Retrospective photography exhibition. Opening speech had been delivered by the principal of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Andrej Smrekar. Accompanying programme featured cellist Andrej Petrač.
In the photo: Miroslav Zdovc and Andrej Petrač, cellist.

Tinca Stegovec, Grafike

Tinca Stegovec

Lamut's art salon, 15.08.1986 - 03.09.1986

Comprehensive retrospective exhibition. Artist and his work had been introduced by Janez Mesesnel. Openin programme featured Trio Arti; Cveto Kobal/flute, Zvone Richter/clarinet, Peter Štadler/bassoon.
In the photo: In the left, artist in discussion with Jože Marinč.

Janez Kovačič, Roberto Faganel,

Janez Kovačič, Roberto Faganel

Lamut's art salon, 10.05.1986

Exhibition presented works by academic painters. Artists and their work had been introduced by art historian Franc Zalar who also contributed a short essay in the booklet.
In the photo: Roberto Faganel.


Viktor Goričan,

Viktor Goričan

Lamut's art salon, 06.12.1985

Retrospective exhibition presented works made during Painting Symposium Poetovio – Ptuj.

Miroslav Šutej, Igra z erotiko

Miroslav Šutej
Playing with erotic

Lamut's art salon, 04.10.1985 - 18.10.1985

Artist and his work had been introduced by Vladimir Maleković.  Opening programme featured cellist Andrej Petrač performing the works of Reger, Bach and Prokofiev. 

Vladimir Lamut, Avtoportret

Vladimir Lamut

Lamut's art salon, 27.07.1985 - 31.08.1985

Artist and his work had been introduced by Andrej Smrekar. Opening programme featured Ivan Mrak performing ‘hymnical tragedy’ „Chorea of Van Gogh“. The exhibition had also been presented in Kočevje Art Salon (October 15th - 27th, 1985) and Posavje Museum Brežice (February 19th – 27th, 1986).

Zmago Jeraj,

Zmago Jeraj

Lamut's art salon, 02.07.1985 - 18.07.1985

Painting exhibition as a result of collaboration between Maribor Art Gallery and Coastal Galleries Piran. Artist and his work had been introduced by Andrej Smrekar. Opening programme featured Jerko Novak / acoustic guitar.

Boris Zaplatil,

Boris Zaplatil

Lamut's art salon, 24.05.1985 - 10.06.1985

Visual art exhibition by 1984 Forma Viva Symposium’s participants. At the opening, Sreten Živojinović‘s film had been screened, presenting artistic creation of Boris Zaplatil.


Več avtorjev, VII. Grafični bienale jugoslovanskih otrok

Group Exhibition
The 7th biennial of graphic arts by Yugoslav children

Lamut's art salon, 23.09.1983

Exhibition of selected prints, contributed by participating children from all republics of Yugoslavia. Works tackled the theme ‘My home’. The official jury (chair: Bogomir Karlavaris) received 5.000 works. Honoured president of the Biennial was Dževad Hozo, printmaker.

Janez Vidic,

Janez Vidic

Lamut's art salon, 25.03.1983

The anthological exhibition is a result of collaboration of Božidar Jakac Art Museum and Maribor Art Gallery.  Artist’s work had been introduced by the principal of the Maribor regional Museum, Sergij Vrišer, PhD.  Official opening had been performed by Vladimir Bračič, PhD, president of the Cultural Association Assembly Maribor.


Bojan Golija,

Bojan Golija

Lamut's art salon, 20.08.1982 - 20.09.1982

The exhibition is a result of collaboration of Božidar Jakac Art Museum and Maribor Art Gallery. Artist had been introduced by Breda Ilich Klančnik. Official opening had been performed by Vladimir Bračič, PhD, president of the Cultural Association Assembly Maribor.

Ivan Seljak Čopič,

Ivan Seljak Čopič

Lamut's art salon, 02.07.1982 - 15.07.1982

At the opening, the artist had been introduced by Janez Mesesnel. The exhibition had been officially opened by general major Miha Butina, artist’s comrade in arms during the National Liberation War. The exhibition marked the 75th anniversary of the primary school, its successful renovation and extension whose surface is embellished with the biggest mosaic in the country, also made by Čopič.

Karel Plemenitaš, Razstava grafik

Karel Plemenitaš
Exhibition of prints

Lamut's art salon, 04.06.1982 - 26.06.1982

Exhibition of prints by Karla Plemenitaš who then worked as a teacher of Art at elementary school in Kostanjevica na Krki. Opening introduction had been delivered by Lado Smrekar.


Več avtorjev, Umetnostna razstava

Group Exhibition
Art Exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 29.04.1982

Exhibition by Škofja Loka Fine Artists Association featured: Berko Berčič, Silva Bernik, Pavel Florjančič, Herman Gvardjančič, Janez Hafner, Tomaž Kržišnik, Tone Logodner, Franc Novinc, France Mihelič, Simon Mlakar, Jože Peternelj, Mirna Pavlovec, Aljoša Sovček Sotler, Gabrijel Stupica and Ive Šubic. Opening introduction had been delivered by Andrej Pavlovec. Cultural programme featured Jelovica Octet and Lubnik choir, conducted by Tomaž Tozon.

Ferdo Vesel,

Ferdo Vesel

Lamut's art salon, 23.03. - 31.03.1982

Visiting exhibition, first presented in ‘Ivan Napotnik Cultural Center Velenje’ where it denoted 120th anniversary of the artist’s birth. Opening introduction had been delivered by Acad. Josip Vidmar.


Jože Marinč,

Jože Marinč

Lamut's art salon, 03.07.1981 - 17.07.1981

Exhibition of works by young artist. During the preparations of the exhibition, Božidar Jakac Art Museum established policies of helping young artists who merely enter Slovene art scene by
providing Lamut’s Art Salon as a venue displaying their work. Musical programme featured Tomaž Lorenz / violin and Jerko Novak / guitar


Več avtorjev, VI. Grafični bienale jugoslovanskih otrok

Group Exhibition
The 6th biennial of graphic arts by Yugoslav pioneers

Lamut's art salon, 22.11.1980

Exhibition of 149 selected prints sent by participating children of all republics of Yugoslavia. The exhibition tackled the subject of ‘Family’. Biennial patron was acad. painter and printmaker Boško Karanović.

Boris Kobe, Risbe, slike in spomeniki NOB 1930-1980

Boris Kobe
Drawings, paintings and NOB monuments 1930-1980

Lamut's art salon, 10.10.1980

Exhibition celebrated artist’s 75th anniversary. Artist and his work had been introduced by Špelca Čopič, PhD, while opening speech had been delivered by Franc Šali. Accompanying programme featured Kostanjevica Octet.

France Kralj, Kiparstvo in grafika

France Kralj
Sculptures and Prints

Lamut's art salon, 25.07.1980

First exhibition of France Kralj after the artist’s death presented the selection of sculptures and prints. The essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Andrej Smrekar. Opening introduction had been delivered by Josip Vidmar. Accompanying programme featured the concert of Lorenz Trio which took place in St. Nicholas Church.

Božidar Jakac, Leta iskanja in zorenja 1918-1927

Božidar Jakac
Years of searching and growing mature 1918-1927

Lamut's art salon, 16.05.1980

Study exhibition of paintings celebrated artist’s 80th anniversary. Artist and his work had been introduced by Melita Stele - Možina. On this occasion, Božidar Jakac Art Museum also celebrated the official opening of renovated Lamut’s art salon. Opening speech had been delivered by Jože Brilej, PhD. Accompanying programme featured Tomaž Lorenz / violin and Igor Saje / guitar.


Več avtorjev, V. grafični bienale jugoslovanskih pionirjev

Group Exhibition
The 5th biennial of graphic arts by Yugoslav pionirees

Lamut's art salon, 30.09.1978

The president of the jury was Vladimir Maleković, patron and honoured president of the event was acad. painter Miroslav Šutej.
In the photo: Creating Magical Cubes under the mentorship of Sergio Gobbo.

Janez Pirnat,

Janez Pirnat

Lamut's art salon, 07.07.1978 - 27.08.1978

Sculpture exhibition.
Sculpture exhibition. Accompanying programme in St. Nicholas Church featured Aci Bertoncelj / piano and Ciril Škerjanec / cello.

Boris Jesih,

Boris Jesih

Lamut's art salon, 20.05.1978

Exhibition opening and granting of the Fine Art Award ‘Josip Račič’. The award had been granted by Vjesnik newspaper edition. Accompanying programme featured Aci Bertoncelj / piano.

Gojmir Anton Kos,

Gojmir Anton Kos

Lamut's art salon, 26.04.1978

Painting exhibition, introduced by Melita Stele. Accompanying programme featured Marija Bitenc-Samec /alto and Andrej Jarc /piano.
In the photo: (from left) Polde Oblak, Gojmir Anton Kos and Ljudmila Plesničar.


Zoran Didek, Globina enostavnosti

Zoran Didek
Profoundness of Simplicity

Lamut's art salon, 02.09.1977 - 02.10.1977

Exhibition as a great painting anthology. Artist and his work had been introduced by Janez Mesesnel. Accompanying programme had been performed by DPD Svoboda (Freedom) Brestanica, conducted by Janko Avsenak.

Ludvik Pandur,

Ludvik Pandur

Lamut's art salon, 03.06.1977 - 26.06.1977

Painting exhibition, introduced by Meta Gaberšek Prosenc. Opening speech had been delivered by Prof. Vladimir Bračič, PhD. Opening programme featured Alenka Vipotnik / piano and Andrej Jarc / piano.

Janez Kovačič,

Janez Kovačič

Lamut's art salon, 16.04.1977 - 10.05.1977

Exhibition presented works by academic painter. The essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by France Zalar.

Boris Kobe, Monotipije

Boris Kobe

Lamut's art salon, 04.02.1977 - 04.03.1977

Artist and his work had been introduced by Prof. Jože Kastelic, PhD.


Več avtorjev, Zlati oktober

Group Exhibition
Golden October

Lamut's art salon, 26.10.1976 - 30.11.1976

Culture Action – celebration of 20th anniversary of Dolenjska Cultural Festival in Kostanjevica na Krki (1956-1976) featured: Lucijan Bratuš, Jože Centa, France Godec, Gabrijel Humek, Božidar Jakac, Boris Kobe, Martina Koritnik, Janez Kovačič, Miroslav Kugler, Nikolaj Omersa, Lojze Perko, Marjan Pliberšek, Viktor Povše and France Slana.
In the photo: Martina Koritnik while painting (photo: Ivan Zoran)

Peter Wullimann,

Peter Wullimann

Lamut's art salon, 10.09.1976 – 24.09.1976

Exhibition presented prints by Swiss artist. Opening introduction had been made by acad. Božidar Jakac. Opening programme featured Alenka and Igor Dekleva performing works by Debussy, Casell in Poulenc.

Drago Dragić,

Drago Dragić

Lamut's art salon, 10.09.1976

Exhibition presented copper sculptures, made by artist from Novi Sad. It had been set in the hall of the ‘Below Gorjanci Restaurant’.

Jela Trnkoczy,

Jela Trnkoczy

Lamut's art salon, 03.06.1976

Retrospective exhibition. Essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Janez Mesesnel. Exhibition had been presented in Kočevje, Kostanjevica na Krki and Škofja Loka.
Photo: Marjan Smerke

Maksim Gaspari,

Maksim Gaspari

Lamut's art salon, 29.04.1976

Exhibition of works prepared by Velenje Cultural Center. The painter and his engagement in art had been introduced by Prof. Stane Mikuž, PhD. Cultural programme featured Kostanjevica Octet.
photo: Miroslav Zdovc


Več avtrojev, IV.grafični bienale jugoslovanskih pionirjev

Group Exhibition
The 4th biennial of graphic arts by Yugoslav pioneers

Lamut's art salon, 18.10.1975

The 4th biennial tackled the subject of ‘Steps towards freedom’, celebrating 30th anniversary of Liberation. While the official jury received a total of 2000 prints, 140 had been selected for the exhibition presentation. Patron of the biennial had been academic painter Alenka Gerlovič.

France Slana,

France Slana

Lamut's art salon, 12.06.1975 - 12.10.1975

Retrospective exhibition of artist’s engagement in watercolour technique had been main visual art event of the 20th Dolenjska Cultural Festival. App. 8.000 visitors. The essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Janez Mesesnel. The exhibition had been conceptualized as itinerant one, visiting all major towns in Slovenia and abroad (Klagenfurt, Graz, Belgrade and Skopje)

Več avtorjev, Makedonski umetniki

Group Exhibition
Macedonian artists

Lamut's art salon, 02.06.1975 - 09.06.1975

Participatings artists: Nikola Fidanovski, Vladimir Georgievski, Milan Jovanovič, Ismed Lahi, Ilija Penušliski, Korubin Rubens and Aneta Svetieva.
Opening introduction had been delivered by secretary-general of ZSMS conference Zdenko Mali.

Lojze Čampa,

Lojze Čampa

Lamut's art salon, 18.04.1975

Sculpture exhibition. Opening introduction and essay accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Mirko Juteršek, PhD. Opening programme featured leading opera singer Milka Evtimova.


Sonja Lamut,

Sonja Lamut

Lamut's art salon, 11.10.1974 - 03.12.1974

Exhibition of prints - mezzotint – by young artist, sister of Vladimir Lamut, who graduated in Belgrade.

Tugo Lebič,

Tugo Lebič

Lamut's art salon, 17.09.1974 - 30.09.1974

Oil paintings exhibition. Artist and his work had been introduced by Mirko Juteršek, PhD.

Božidar Jakac, Avtoportreti 1915-1974

Božidar Jakac
Autoportraits 1915-1974

Lamut's art salon, 13.07.1974

Auto portraits exhibition honouring the artist’s 75th anniversary. Opening introduction and foreword accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Luc Menaše, PhD. The Cultural Centre hosted the Evening of Musorgski solo singing. Featured artists were Miroslav Čangalović, Ileana Bratuž Kacjan and Andrej Jarc.

Klavdij Palčič,

Klavdij Palčič

Lamut's art salon, 30.06.1974 - 11.07.1974

painting exhibition; artist and his work had been introduced by Mirko Juteršek, PhD. The exhibition opening had been followed by Primorska evening. Patron of the event, Association of Slovene Writers, presented Primorska poets based in Trieste and Gorizia: Filibert Benedetič, Miroslav Košuta, Marko Kravos, Ace Mermolja and Irena Žerjal. Their works had been interpreted by Mira Sradoč and Jožko Lukeš.

Karl Brandstätter,

Karl Brandstätter

Lamut's art salon, 15.06.1974 - 27.06.1974

Painting exhibition. At the opening, the artist had been introduced by the president of the Koroška Fine Artists Association, Walther Nowotny. The exhibition opening had been followed by Koroška evening featuring Mira Mihelič, vice-president of the World Pen-club Association and poets Hans Gigacher, Andrej Kokot, Walther Nowotny and Hans Renger.

Marijan Pliberšek,

Marijan Pliberšek

Lamut's art salon, 25.05.1974 - 06.06.1974

Painting exhibition had been opened by director of Škofja Loka Museum Andrej Pavlovec. Leading Ljubljana’s Opera singer Vilma Bukovec sang several scenes from operas Madame Butterffly, La Boheme and Gorenjska Nightingale.


Več avtorjev, III. grafični bienale jugoslovanskih pionirjev

Group Exhibition
The 3rd biennial of graphic arts by Yugoslav pioneers

Lamut's art salon, 20.10.1973

Exhibition honouring 400th anniversary of peasant revolt had been entitled ‘Pile up, pile up, miserable crowd’ and took place at the arcade yard of the present-time Božidar Jakac Art Museum. The patron of the biennial was Krsto Hegedušič.

Dušan Tršar,

Dušan Tršar

Lamut's art salon, 31.08.1973

Exhibition of sculptures – objects made from plexiglas and neon. Aleksander Bassin, the author of catalogue introduction described them with the term ‘luminosculptures’. The exhibition opening had been followed by The Bakery Theatre performing Peter Božič‘s play ‘What a happy day’.

France Mihelič,

France Mihelič

Lamut's art salon, 17.08.1973

Retrospective exhibition, introduced by art critic Janez Mesesnel. Introduction accompanying the catalogue had been contributed by Špelca Čopič.
After the opening, ‘Gorjup’s’ church housed the Ensemble Schola Labacensis concert.
In the photo: (from left) Krištof Zupet and Ivan Mrak at the opening

Lucijan Bratuš, Razstava litografij

Lucijan Bratuš
Litography exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 12.06.1973 - 26.06.1973

Exhibition of Bratuš‘s litographies had been introduced by Aleksander Bassin, author of the accompanying essay in the catalogue.

Več avtorjev, Krvave kronike glas

Group Exhibition
The Voice of the Bloody Chronicle

Lamut's art salon, 14.04.1973

Exhibition honouring 400th anniversary of peasant revolt featured: Janez Bernik, Riko Debenjak, Marijan Retoni, Boris Dogan, Francina Dolenec, Željko Hegedušić, Vasilije Jordan, Nives Kavurić - Kurtović, Edo Kovačević, Ferdo Kulmer, Ivan Lacković, Ivan Lovrenčić, France Mihelič, Virgilije Nevjestić, Željko Senečić, Miljenko Stančić, Gabrijel Stupica, Vilim Svečnjak, Kamilo Tompa and Fedor Vaić. Artists and their work had been introduced by Vladimir Maleković. Exhibition then moved to Department of prints and drawings HAZU, Zagreb.
An hour after the initial opening, the Cultural Center housed Festive Evening which featured Rajko Koritnik, Ladko Korošec, Peter Levec, Zdenka Lukec - Čudnova, Zlata Ognjanović and Ivan Potrč.

Lucas Cranach,

Lucas Cranach

Lamut's art salon, 29.09.1973

Study exhibition of reproductions honouring the 500th anniversary of rennaissance painter Lucas Cranach. The opening speech had been delivered by DDR’s general consul Horst Schadow. Opening programme featured Nada Vidmar with Igor and Alenka Dekleva, who performed a concert of old master’s music.
In the photo: (from left) President of Dolenjska Cultural Festival Lado Smrekar, academic sculptor Vladimir Štoviček and president of the SAZU Acad. Josip Vidmar (photo: Ivan Zoran)


France Gorše,

France Gorše

Lamut's art salon, 30.06.1972

Retrospective exhibition. After the initial opening, the Slovene Octet concert had been expected.
Exhibition opening had been prohibited.

Več avtorjev, Od baroka do impresionizma

Group Exhibition
From Baroque to Impressionism

Lamut's art salon, 06.05.1972

Exhibition had been prepared by Slovene National Gallery and introduced by the director Anica Cevc, PhD.

Albrecht Dürer,

Albrecht Dürer

Lamut's art salon, 04.04.1972 - 03.05.1972

Study exhibition of reproductions honouring the artist’s 400th anniversary. The opening speech had been delivered by DDR’s general consul Horst Schadow. After the official opening, accompanying programme featured Ensemble Consortium Musicum /Zlata Ognjanovič/soprano, Jože Pogačnik/flute, Božo Mihelčič/violin, Mile Kosi/violin, Edi Mjaron/cello). Ensemble performed works by Ludwig Senfl, JacobaGallusa, Thomas Morley and Claudio Monteverdi.
In the photo: (from left) Horst Schadow, general consul of Republic DDR and Tone Kralj


Več avtorjev, II. grafični bienale jugoslovanskih pionirjev

Group Exhibition
The 2nd biennial of graphic arts by Yugoslav pioneers

Lamut's art salon, 30.10.1971 - 31.03.1972

The patron of 2nd biennial was academic painter France Mihelič, while Marjan Tršar delivered the opening speech. The call for applications had been replied by 59 schools which sent 1366 works. Due to the exceptional feedback the exhibition had been prolonged. It had been visited by a few thousand people.

Več avtorjev, Mojstri naivnega slikarstva

Group Exhibition
Masters of naive painting

Lamut's art salon, 09.10.1971

The artists presented at the exhibition: Drago Jurak, Ivan Rabuzin, Matija Skurjeni, Slavko Stolnik and Stjepan Stolnik.

Zlatko Prica,

Zlatko Prica

Lamut's art salon, 17.09.1971 - 30.09.1971

Exhibition of works by academic painter. Introduction made by art critic Vladimir Maleković.
Photo of the opening: (from left) Lado Smrekar, Vladimir Maleković, Zlatko Prica

Več avtorjev, Umetnost tavankutskih žena

Group Exhibition
Art of Tavankut's women

Lamut's art salon, 01.07.1971

Exhibition presented art works by women of ‘Matija Gubec Art and Culture Club’ who had, by engaging straw as the main material of their ‘paintings’, continued rich tradition of Bunjevo folk art.

Alenka Gerlovič,

Alenka Gerlovič

Lamut's art salon, 22.05.1971 - 13.06.1971

Exhibition presented paintings by Alenka Gerlovič. Opening programme featured leading singer of Ljubljana’s Opera and Ballet, Vanda Gerlovič, and Zdenka Lukčeva on piano.
In the photo: Alenka Gerlovič

Igor Pleško,

Igor Pleško

Lamut's art salon, 01.04.1971

Painting exhibition of works by Prof. Igor Pleško.
In the photo: Igor Pleško, Blacksmith with fishes, linocut


Tone Kralj, Retrospektiva ob umetnikovi 70 - letnici

Tone Kralj

Lamut's art salon, 08.08.1970

Retrospective exhibition celebrating the artist’s 70th anniversary. Opening speech had been delivered by Acad. Božidar Jakac. After the opening, the Cultural Centre hosted the concert of soprano Tatjana Kralj and public appearance of poet and actor Tone Kuntner.

Več avtorjev, Naivni kiparji Jugoslavije

Group Exhibition
Yugoslav naive sculptors

Lamut's art salon, 11.07.1970

Exhibition presented works by forty-five artist originating throughout Yugoslavia. Artists had been introduced by Vladimir Maleković, while the opening speech had been delivered by the exhibition’s patron, president of the IS SRS Stane Kavčič.

Edo Murtić,

Edo Murtić

Lamut's art salon, 12.06.1970

Exhibition presented works by academic painter Edo Murtić. Artist had been introduced by art critic Vlado Maleković.

France Godec,

France Godec

Lamut's art salon, 15.05.1970

Exhibition presented works by academic painter. Exhibition opening had been followed by Evening of Dolenjska’s poets and writers.

Več avtorjev, VIII. Grafični bienale jugoslovanskih otrok

Group Exhibition
The 8th biennial of graphic arts by Yugoslav Children

Lamut's art salon, 26.10.1985

Exhibition presented works made during the traditional Art Colony which had been dedicated to ‘Life, work and customs of Yugoslav Nations’. Patron of 8th biennial was sculptor, graphic and Prof. at the Academy of Fine Arts Skopje, Petar Hadži - Boškov.


Več avtorjev, I. grafični bienale jugoslovanskih pionirjev

Group Exhibition
The 1th biennial of graphic arts by Yugoslav pionirees

Lamut's art salon, 24.10.1969

Patron of 1th biennial of graphic arts made by Yugoslav children had been Acad. Božidar Jakac.

Miroslav Šutej,

Miroslav Šutej

Lamut's art salon, 04.10.1969

Exhibition presented recent works by academic painter. Artist had been introduced by art critic Vladimir Maleković from Zagreb. After the opening, Ensemble of liberal dance, theatre etc, performed dance programme ‘Typewriter and Jazz’.

France Mihelič,

France Mihelič

Lamut's art salon, 17.08.1969

Exhibition presented works by academic painter.

Božidar Jakac,

Božidar Jakac

Lamut's art salon, 15.07.1969

Retrospective exhibition marking artist’s 70th anniversary. Opening speech had been delivered by Emilijan Cevc, PhD, and Jože Radej, president of the Krško Municipality.

Stane Kregar,

Stane Kregar

Lamut's art salon, 13.05.1969

Work of academic painter had been introduced by art critic Aleksander Bassin. Opening programme featured Miloš Pahor / flute and Dina Slama / harpsichhord

Anton Repnik,

Anton Repnik

Lamut's art salon, 15.04.1969

Exhibition presented works by naive painter, introduced by Karel Pečko. Opening programme featured Koroška Octet.


Več avtorjev, Plakat v NOB

Group Exhibition
Plakat v NOB

Lamut's art salon, 19.10.1968

Exhibition presented original posters from NOB (National Liberation War), created between 1941 and 1945.

Polde Oblak,

Polde Oblak

Lamut's art salon, 24.09.1968

Exhibiton of paintings had been introduced by Špelca Čopič. Opening programme featured Bennie Jean Gillette / soprano and Barton Weber / piano.

Peter Jovanovič,

Peter Jovanovič

Lamut's art salon, 07.09.1968

Exhibition which presented works by naive artist Peter Jovanovič, participant of Forma Viva symposium 1968, had been opened by the principal Lado Smrekar. Opening programme featured Ivan Cankar’s Miss Judith recital, performed by leading actress of Rijeka Theatre, Branka Verdonik – Rasberger. The event marked 50th anniversary of Ivan Cankars death.

Bogoslav Živković,

Bogoslav Živković

Lamut's art salon, 23.07.1968

Opening of the exhibition which presented the works by folk artist had featured recital of Milovan Barjaktarević, serbian ‘guslar’ from Niš.
In the photo: sculptor Živković and Vilma Pirkovič

Več avtorjev, Svet naivnih

Group Exhibition
World of naive

Lamut's art salon, 28.04.1968

Exhibition presented works by Yugoslav naive painters from the collection of Gerhrd Ledić. Opening programme featured recital of Petrica Kerempuh’s ballads (Miroslav Krleža), performed by Mladen Šerment, actor of Zagreb Drama Theatre and accompanied by Hlebine folk music (Martin Hegedušić, Galeković brothers)
In the photo: Gerhard Ledić in Krsto Hegedušič at the opening (front row)


Jože Tisnikar,

Jože Tisnikar

Lamut's art salon, 13.11.1967 - 30.11.1967

Opening of the art exhibition featured SLG Celje’s actor Marjan Dolinar performing Slavko Grum’s White Asylum.

Miha Maleš,

Miha Maleš

Lamut's art salon, 28.10.1967


Rudi Simčič,

Rudi Simčič

Lamut's art salon, 14.09.1967 - 27.09.1967

Exhibition presented oil paintings, prints and wooden sculptors. Opening programme featured recital by playwright Ivan Mrak.

Več avtorjev, Slike iz dolenjskih gradov

Group Exhibition
Paintings from Dolenjska castles

Lamut's art salon, 01.07.1967

Exhibition presented a fragment of former wealth, saved from burning Dolenjska castles by coincidence. Opening programme featured prima ballerina Tatjana Remškar with dancing partners Janez Mejač and Stane Polak (SNT Opera and Ballet Ljubljana), accompanied by Zdenka Lukčeva on piano.

Werner Berg in Othmar Jaindl, Grafika in skulptura

Werner Berg in Othmar Jaindl
Print and Sculpture

Lamut's art salon, 09.05.1967

Exhibition resented prints by Werner Berg and sculptures by Othmar Jaindl, two of the most significant representatives of Koroška region. Opening programme featured pianist Tatjana Bučar.

Rafaela Potokar,

Rafaela Potokar

Lamut's art salon, 31.03.1967 - 17.041967

Exhibition of paintings by Rafaela Potokar and recital of the Lorenz Trio which performed works of Haydn, Turin in Rachmaninoff.

Ciril Podbevšek, Razstava intarzij

Ciril Podbevšek
The Intarsias Exhibition

Lamut's art salon, 18.03.1967 - 28.03.1967

Opening of exhibition which presented art works and recital of Slovene ballad and romance performed by Jerca Mrzel, Janez Vajevec, Nadja Vidmar, Metoda Zorčič and Milena Zupančič.


Aldo Dezza in Hisayuki Mogami,

Aldo Dezza and Hisayuki Mogami

Lamut's art salon, 21.11.66 - 30.11.66

Exhibition which presented works of two Forma Viva Symposium participants at the same time marked 10th anniversary of Dolenjska Cultural Festival. Operatic arias had been performed by Vilma Bukovec, Rajko Koritnik and Ladko Korošec.

Vladimir Lamut, Poslednji listi Vlada Lamuta

Vladimir Lamut
The Last Prints of Vlado Lamut

Lamut's art salon, 17.09.1966

Exhibition of artist’s last works before his death.

Stane Jarm in Marijan Tršar,

Stane Jarm and Marijan Tršar

Lamut's art salon, 27.08.1966 - 10.09.1966

Exhibition presented art works. Opening programme featured Rok Klopčič / violin and Prof. Marijan Lipovšek / piano.

Janez Boljka in Peter Černe,

Janez Boljka and Peter Černe

Lamut's art salon, 30.07.1966

Exhibition presenting works of two painters had been, during the opening, accompanyed by a recital performed by Štefka Drolc, leading actress of Drama Theatre, Ljubljana

Janez in Jurij Šubic,

Janez in Jurij Šubic

Lamut's art salon, 01.07.1966

Exhibition data missing


Franc Kavčič,

Franc Kavčič

Lamut's art salon, 27.03.1965

Exhibition presented 35 drawings of one of the most significant representative of classicist painting in Slovenia.


Več avtorjev, Slovenski ljudsko slikarstvo

Group Exhibition
Slovene Folk Painting

Lamut's art salon, 08.08.1964 - 30.08.1964

Exhibition, set in collaboration with Slovene Ethnographic Museum, had been curated by Gorazd Makarovič.

Jože Horvat - Jaki,

Jože Horvat - Jaki

Lamut's art salon, 11.07.1964 - 07.08.1964

Exhibition of works, mostly belonging to ‘Animalija’ series.


Jože Gorjup,

Jože Gorjup

Lamut's art salon, 23.03.1963 - 02.09.1963

Retrospective exhibition had been a result of successful restoration of Gorjup’s work by the Deapartment of Restoration, Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana. Opening sppech had been delivered by Acad. Prof. France Stele, PhD.

Ivan Napotnik,

Ivan Napotnik

Lamut's art salon, 23.03.1963 - 02.09.1963

Retrospective exhibition denoting the 3rd anniversary of artist’s death took place in the Cultural centre. Opening speech had been delivered by Karel Dobida, PhD, director of Slovene National Gallery.


Grafika starih mojstrov,

Old master print

Lamut's art salon, 23.06.1963 - 01.09.1963

Exhibition presented old master prints from the collection of Celje City Museum. It took place in the Jože Gorjup Elementary School.

Merćin Nowak - Njechornski,

Merćin Nowak - Njechornski

Lamut's art salon, 23.03.1963 - 31.03.1963

Merćin Nowak - Njechornski is one of the most significant representatives of Lužice Serb’s art. Exhibition took place in the yard of the Cultural Centre.

Gabrijel Humek,

Gabrijel Humek

Lamut's art salon, 26.01.1963 - 08.02.1963

Gabriel Humek, academic painter, had been studying painting in Krakow, then moved to Zagreb to study in the class of Prof. Becić, but graduated in Ljubljana (1974) in the class of Prof. Gojmir Anton Kos. Exhibition in Kostanjevica presented 50 oil paintings, mostly landscapes.


Borčić Kugler,

Borčić Kugler

Lamut's art salon, 27.10.1962 - 05.11.1962

Artistic installation of work by two artists, both based in Dolenjska region. 18 works by Bogdan Borčić, 19 works by Miroslav Kugler.
In this photo: Bogdan Borčić discussing with Lado Smrekar.

Več avtorjev, Listi iz jugoslovanke grafike

Group Exhibition
Yugoslave Art prints

Lamut's art salon, 16.03.1962

Exhibition presented 68 prints by 21 artists from the Modern Art Gallery collection. Exhibition had been curated and opened by Melita Stele, curator of Modern Art Gallery.

Hinko Smrekar,

Hinko Smrekar

Lamut's art salon, 23.02.1962

Exhibition of paintings by Hinko Smrekar, academic painter. Exhibition had been put up by Karel Dobida, PhD, director of Slovene National Gallery, who also held two guided tours.
In this photo: Dobida during a guided tour.


Pregled slovenskega slikarstva od XIV. do XX. stoletja,

Review of Slovene painting (XIV. - XX. century)

Lamut's art salon, 07.02.1962

Exhibition of reproductions from National gallery Collection, accompanied by a series of expert lectures.


Razstava udeležencev Forme vive,

Exhibition of Forma Viva participants

Lamut's art salon, 02.12.1961

Exhibition which denoted the conclusion of the first Forma Viva Symposium presented 33 works by artists which participated at the Symposium.
In this photo (from left): Mojca Vidmar and Anica Cevc


Vladimir Lamut, Kostanjevica 1958

Vladimir Lamut
Kostanjevica 1958

Lamut's art salon, September 1958

Twenty landscape paintings of Kostanjevica na Krki had been presented at the exhibition.


Razstava umetniških del sodobnih slovenskih avtorjev,

Contemporary Slovene visual artist's works

Lamut's art salon, 06.10.1957 - 21.10.1957

Twenty-five contemporary Slovene painters and sculptors had exhibited app. seventy art works.
The exhibition had been set up by Vlado Lamut, Miro Kugler and architect Filipčič, opening speech delivered by Ive Šubic, president of Ljubljana Fine Artist Society. Featured: Jakac, Mihelič, Pavlovec, Debenjak, Štoviček, Stiplovšek, Kugler, Lamut, Mole, Borčić, Gerlovič, Ciuha, Perko, Didek, Ive Šubic, Kralj brothers, Kalin, Smerdu, Batič, Drago Tršar, Krajnc.

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