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Jože Gorjup

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Jože Gorjup Jože Gorjup Jože Gorjup

JOŽE GORJUP (Kostanjevica na Krki, 1907-1932), painter, graphic artist and sculptor. Studied in Zagreb and Florence. In 1930 he returned to his native Kostanjevica. He is a representative of Slovene expressionism and New Objectivity. The influences of his teachers and the great names of European modernism are clearly apparent in his works. He died very young – just 25 years old. His final works – notably his decoration of the sanctuary of the church of St Nicholas on the island – revealed a move towards a more personal stylistic expression. Besides biblical themes, which after his studies in Florence are replaced by secular motifs, his subjects include Arcadian landscapes, bathers, portraits, the artist’s studio and actors. His collection consists of around 600 works. He is represented at the permanent exhibition by 9 oil paintings which have been displayed alongside the works of the sculptor France Gorše since 1992.