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Božidar Jakac Božidar Jakac Božidar Jakac

BOŽIDAR JAKAC (Novo Mesto, 1899 – Ljubljana, 1989), painter and graphic artist. Studied at the academy in Prague and later in Berlin and Paris. He was an important portrait artist. He travelled widely and recorded his impressions from his journeys both in painting and graphic art as well as in photography and film. He was one of the prime instigators behind the founding of the academy of art in Ljubljana, where he taught graphic art and was the first rector. With his early works (1920s: we hold a collection of around 2500 drawings from his drawing journals from this period) he achieved his youthful artistic peak. These works, of an expressionist nature, began to grow calmer and spill over into a style of lyrical realism with the characteristic theme of the Dolenjska landscape. In the year 2009, marked by the 110th anniversary of Božidar Jakac’s birth, a new set up of his permanent exhibition had been opened. The exhibition includes 105 of his works (oil paintings, pastels, prints and drawings), most of them acquired shortly before the opening. The selection is designed retrospectively; there are early works presented at the two large halls in the east wing of the Museum, while the last hall concentrates on print work, made in the period 1940 – 1980.