13/07/21 – 13/07/21

Želimir Žilnik: Film Screening

Film Screening at GBJ!
Želimir Žilnik
Tuesday, 13 July at 9pm on the courtyard of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum

In frames of International Documentary Film Workshop: DoKKu 2021 you are kindly invited to attend to the film screening with filmmaker Želimir Žilnik. After the conversation with the artist the selection of his films from different periods of his career will be screened:

June Turmoil (1969) – 10’
Throwing Off the Yolks of Bondage (1996) – 12’
Loogbook Serbistan (2015) – 91’

Želimir Žilnik (1942) is Novi Sad-based filmmaker who rose to prominence in the late 1960s during the era of so called »Yugoslav Black Wave« in cinema. He is acclaimed for his radical, independent film practice and his pioneering use of hybrid non-fiction forms; he is also distinguished by his socially engaged and critical views and solidarity with movements against the status quo. Žilnik is now recognised as one of the most significant politically engaged filmmakers working today.

The film screening is organised in collaboration with Luksuz Production from Krško.

Free entry!