Opening of the exhibition Damijan Kracina: Wrong Ship

The exhibition entitled Wrong Ship installation by the artist Damijan Kracina presents an integral spatial installation, composed of a combination of new and older materials that introduce multifaceted meanings through their narratives and visual designs. In these works, the artist consistently introduces fictional, fantastical, dystopian, and perhaps fairly plausible scenarios of potential futures of various living beings that inhabit the planet Earth.

With this exhibition, Kracina continues his characteristic artistic practice in which he often presents satirical interpretations of coexistence between different kinds of living beings and technological devices that are commonly conveyed through visual means into humorous objects and spatial installations. Over the past two decades, he has frequently created forms and images of imaginary living beings that could have existed in the geological history but became victims of one of the major extinctions in the planet’s long history. With his more recent works, he still ironically responds to interpretations of evolutionary theories and other hypotheses about the origin of the world, which continue to be controversial even in the age of empirical science. At the same time, he alludes to current environmental imbalances of the modern world, where a large multitude of wild living beings are condemned to extinction due to the unchecked expansion of humans as the ultimate invasive species. The Wrong Ship exhibition thus introduces the idea of an attempt by the human species to escape from an overpopulated planet with a space vessel that ostensibly provides passengers with almost all the comforts associated with modern lifestyles. The escape to the depths beyond the limits of human perception, where travellers or escapees might find a more favourable environment that can be utilized and exploited for longer and more extensively, is marked by eternal desire of human kind for complete primacy and eternal exploration of new worlds and organisms.