08/02/21 – 08/02/21

Slovenian Culture Day at GBJ!

Kulturni praznik v GBJ

In February, GBJ – Božidar Jakac Art Museum open for public again!

Therefore, we will be open on Slovenian Culture Day on 8 February. By following all the measures we will ensure your safety and well-being during your visit.

Apart from our permanent exhibitions you can view following temporary shows:
- Silvan Omerzu: A Retrospective (extended until 4 April 2021)
- Mitja Konić: Amor Fati (extended until 4 April 2021)

We would especially like to invite you and your family to visit the museum on Monday, 8 February 2021 when we will launch a new, 15th exhibition at the Bogdan Borčić Art Room, Bogdan Borčić: Journey to a Shell.

However, due to the safety measures part of the programme on Slovenian Culture Day will be available online:

Bogdan Borčić: 15th exhibition at the Bogdan Borčić Art Room

The 15th exhibition at the Bogdan Bborčić Art Room will showcase more than twenty graphic works, prints and sketches, of Bogdan Borčić which are dated to the first half of the 1970s. These are the works from a decade-long and lesser known series of shells, the motifs that the artist explored extensively in in the medium of print with almost scientific precision.

From Simple Shadow Puppet to Puppet Automaton, accompanying A Retrospective of Silvan Omerzu

Accompanying the exhibition of Silvan Omerzu, we invite you to attend an online creative workshop where we will present two different ways of creating puppets. The inspiration for creation will be Omerzu’s puppet automaton in the shape of a bird that rhythmically raises and lowers its wings. We will lead you through two procedures of how to make a bird: a simple shadow puppet or/and an improvised puppet automaton that can be built out of paper, paper clips and clippers.

On 8 February there is no admission to visit the museum. Our opening hours remain the same, from 10am to 6pm.

We are very happy to greet you again among the artworks!