Project 2019-21 “Cisterscapes – Cistercian landscapes connecting Europe”

Mednarodni projekt Cisterscapes – Cistercian Landscapes Connecting Europe (2019-2021)

The transnational cooperation project (LEADER TNC) Cisterscapes with 18 partners in six european countries started on November 1st 2019. The goal is the joint application for the European Heritage Label for Cistercian landscapes in order to point out their high significance in European history.

Lead partner/transnational coordinator: Landkreis Bamberg (County of Bamberg, Germany, site: Ebrach)

Project partners: Cîteaux (FR), Altenberg, Bronnbach, Ebrach, Langheim, Loccum, Maulbronn, Schulpforte, Waldsassen (GER), Wagrowiec (PL), Plasy, Velehrad, Vyssi Brod, Zd’ar nad Sazavou (CZ), Rein, Zwettl (AUS), Kostanjevica, Sticna (SI).

Project webpage: